About Kernel's Corner

Kernel’s Corner has no patience for the mundane and the absurd, most of the time. Whether it’s Music, Books, TV or Movies, its insightful take is always veered towards the other side, which admittedly is too cool for school. Not concerning about traffic or hits, KC (as the site would like to be addressed), serves all the news and information on all platforms of entertainment quickly and on time.

A Glimpse Of The Past

Food for the Fool, Jor's Library and Thoughts that Bite were once three separate blogs for entertainment news, library stuff and personal rants respectively. Having multiple blogs on various platforms was a little too taxing to maintain, so yours truly decided to merge them into one that lead to the creation of Kernel's Corner. Since the original owner of the blog, John Ross, became too busy his role was taken over (without his knowledge) by an equally rigid imaginary friend named Corn Kernel. You can discover how Corn Kernel came to being through his short and creepy biography.