Sunday, December 4, 2022

Official Cover of The Covenant Of Steel Book 3: 'The Traitor' By Anthony Ryan Revealed

I am a little jaded that the US edition for the The Covenant Of Steel series by Anthony Ryan does not have hardcovers, but I am just so thankful that the UK edition does have some gorgeous ones. This means I have to import from Europe to get copies, but it is worth the expense and the long wait.

Anthony Ryan has been always on my radar since Blood Song. The ride, at first, may have been a roller-coaster of inconsitent ups and downs, but his succeeding trilogies have cemented his place in the genre. That is why it is a no-brainer that I am so looking forward for the The Traitor, the final book in the aforementioned series. Its cover has been released and it greatly reminds of Jamie Lannister from the Game of Thrones.

Check out the official cover of The Traitor by Anthony Ryan.

The Traitor by Anthony Ryan


The Traitor is the final novel in The Covenant of Steel trilogy, an epic fantasy series of action, intrigue, and magic from Anthony Ryan, a master storyteller who has taken the fantasy world by storm.

The Traitor by Anthony Ryan will be released on July 13, 2023.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Cover Reveal News Round-Up, Including Books By Rick Riordan And Mark Oshiro, Sarwat Chadda, Graci Kim, And Christopher Paolini

Rick Riordan and the Rick Riordan Presents imprint are on a roll with sequels and a new spin-off series... while Christopher Paolini is back on the world of To Sleep in a Sea of Stars with a new book.

From the World of Percy Jackson: The Sun and the Star by Rick Riordan and Mark Oshiro

From the World of Percy Jackson: The Sun and the Star by Rick Riordan and Mark Oshiro


Demigods Nico di Angelo and Will Solace must endure the terrors of Tartarus to rescue an old friend in this thrilling adventure co-written by New York Times #1 best-selling author Rick Riordan and award-winning author Mark Oshiro.

Percy Jackson fans, rejoice! Nico and Will have a book of their own!

As the son of Hades, Nico di Angelo has been through so much, from the premature deaths of his mother and sister, to being outed against his will, to losing his friend Jason during the trials of Apollo. But there is a ray of sunshine in his life—literally: his boyfriend, Will Solace, the son of Apollo. Together the two demigods can overcome any obstacle or foe. At least, that's been the case so far...

Now Nico is being plagued by a voice calling out to him from Tartarus, the lowest part of the Underworld. He thinks he knows who it is: a reformed Titan named Bob whom Percy and Annabeth had to leave behind when they escaped Hades's realm. Nico's dreams and Rachel Dare's latest prophecy leave little doubt in Nico's mind that Bob is in some kind of trouble. Nico has to go on this quest, whether Mr. D and Chiron like it or not. And of course Will insists on coming with. But can a being made of light survive in the darkest part of the world? and what does the prophecy mean that Nico will have to "leave something of equal value behind?"

Nico will have to face demons both internal and external as his relationship with Will is tested to the core in this standalone adventure featuring two of the most popular characters in the Percy Jackson saga.

From the World of Percy Jackson: The Sun and the Star by Rick Riordan and Mark Oshiro will be released on May 2, 2023.

Fury of the Dragon Goddess by Sarwat Chadda

Fury of the Dragon Goddess by Sarwat Chadda


Best-selling author Rick Riordan presents a second earth-shattering adventure based on Mesopotamian mythology by Sarwat Chadda, author of City of the Plague God.

While on vacation in London, Sikander Aziz gets his hands on the mythic tablet of destinies. Naturally Sik uses it to get his brother Mo back among the living. His wish is granted, but at a terrible cost. Sik’s troubles multiply a billionfold when the tablet is stolen by the elder god of insanity, Lugal, who brings back Tiamat, the great chaos dragon and mother of all monsters.

Nothing less than the fate of the world is at stake when a Muslim boy takes on the ancient gods of Mesopotamia in this action thriller by a master storyteller.

Fury of the Dragon Goddess by Sarwat Chadda will be released on August 1, 2023.

The Last Fallen Realm by Graci Kim

The Last Fallen Realm by Graci Kim


Best-selling author Rick Riordan presents the thrilling conclusion to Graci Kim's best-selling Gifted Clans trilogy.

Riley Oh wasn’t born into her family. Instead, as she recently discovered, she tumbled down to the earth many years ago as the last fallen star. Riley Oh also wasn’t born to be a witch. Like, at all―even her status as a divine celestial being comes with zilch in the magical powers department. And Riley Oh definitely wasn’t born to be a leader. But now the entire magical community thinks she and her soul-twin, Dahl, are meant to lead the world into the Age of the Final Eclipse (or whatever it is that the Haetae keeps saying they're "destined" to do). Greeeat.

But ever since Riley killed the Cave Bear Goddess, she’s been a bit pre-occupied with one thing: waiting for the goddess’s sisters to get their revenge. And it looks like her wait is finally over―because as witches from around the world prepare for war, it seems as though the goddesses are preparing for something much worse. Something that will lure Riley and her friends deep into the realm of the gods. Into a world of humongous, talking moon bunnies; life-or-death mini-golf competitions; and…magical gummy candies?

And in order to save the world, Riley must do the one thing she was born to do: believe in herself.

The Last Fallen Realm by Graci Kim will be released on June 6, 2023.

Fractal Noise by Christopher Paolini

Fractal Noise by Christopher Paolini


A new blockbuster science fiction adventure from world-wide phenomenon and #1 New York Times bestseller Christopher Paolini, set in the world of New York Times and USA Today bestseller To Sleep in a Sea of Stars.

July 25th, 2234: The crew of the Adamura discovers the Anomaly.

On the seemingly uninhabited planet Talos VII:a circular pit, 50 kilometers wide.

Its curve not of nature, but design.

Now, a small team must land and journey on foot across the surface to learn who built the hole and why.

But they all carry the burdens of lives carved out on disparate colonies in the cruel cold of space.

For some the mission is the dream of the lifetime, for others a risk not worth taking, and for one it is a desperate attempt to find meaning in an uncaring universe.

Each step they take toward the mysterious abyss is more punishing than the last.

And the ghosts of their past follow.

Fractal Noise by Christopher Paolini will be released on May 16, 2023.

Friday, November 4, 2022

Official Cover Of 'Light Bringer' By Pierce Brown Revealed

One of my most anticipated books is the penultimate (or is it?) Red Rising novel by Pierce Brown called Light Bringer. Sohme time ago the author announced that he will be publishing two more books to follow Dark Age. This is one of those two books,which I have long since pre-ordered, and the other is called Red God, which I keep on searching for so I can pre-order. The former will be released four yers after its predecessor.

Long has been the wait, but the official cover of Light Bringer by Pierce Brown has been revealed to excite fans even more. The covers for books four and five (called Iron Gold and Dark Age) had diverged from the black motif backdrop but this one has come back to this theme and its old roots, featuring a silluette of a golden Pegasus, the symbol of the Seventh Legion.

Check out the official cover of Light Bringer by Pierce Brown.

Light Bringer by Pierce Brown


Darrow returns as Pierce Brown’s New York Times bestselling Red Rising series continues in the thrilling sequel to Dark Age.

The Reaper is a legend, more myth than man: the savior of worlds, the leader of the Rising, the breaker of chains.

But the Reaper is also Darrow, born of the red soil of Mars: a husband, a father, a friend.

The worlds once needed the Reaper. But now they need Darrow. Because after the dark age will come a new age: of light, of victory, of hope.

Light Bringer by Pierce Brown will be released on July 25, 2023.