Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Didn't Sign Up For These Madness and Why Not Even the Yuletide Season Could Make Me Smile


Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Let your heart be light
From now on, our troubles will be out of sight

Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Make the Yule-tide gay,
From now on, our troubles will be miles away.

Such were the words Christina Aguilera was singing when I was told a very sad story. It was a story more depressing than Damien Rice's The Blower's Daughter. While others are ornamenting their lovely abodes with these Christmas items:

My lighter and skinnier-than-ever friend just experienced a whirlwind of discord and mayhem. Yuletide season is supposed to be a time to reconnect bonds and olden relations, but he told me he just went through a modern Greek war complete with armors and shields and sharp weapons. His relatives that just arrived from wherever parts of the world, trying to prove who is better than whom, initiated a rumble that shattered the peace of the season. So he decided to go back to his humble abode, the MetroDorm, to spend Christmas day alone and peacefully.

But for whatever reason disaster did not end there. Due to the chilly weather, a weakling as he is he acquired a terrible flu which caused him almost two days of unpaid sick leave. Great, right? What a nice way to celebrate the season. Now he would be sick and next year he would have a lesser salary. A very nice year-ender gift.

But despite all these he remains strong and somehow happy because he knows there is someone whom he can rely with:

And it's sad cause it's not me, for Pete's sake! I maybe part of it, but I am only third in the hierarchy of pyramid right after the above mentioned what's-his-name and his friends far and near... *Sigh

Monday, December 19, 2011

Movies are My Blend of Religion, If You Know What I Mean

Now Showing

A few days from now and Christians will all be celebrating the birth of a God-Man called Jesus. I am not a Christian believer per se, but my friend John surely is. I don't expect people to pack up and own my beliefs, which is not believing on something mystique unless it could sustain my existence, but I am giving them the freedom they all deserve in choosing what ever bullshit they wanted themselves to be adorned with.

Whether you ask me or not, I will tell that I believe in movies. They are one of the most hit entertainment "in this day and age." I do believe in them because, aside from the fact that millions and millions are being spent and even gained on these art forms, they could engage the viewers into sadness, happiness, laughter, and suspense without even physically incurring the emotions conveyed by the actors.

Come 2012 and we will be once again be introduced to a lot of amazing movies:

If these movies ever get lucky, they could very well get their own cult followers just like what happened to Star Wars and Fight Club, which are great movies on their own rights.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Truth on The Matter of Some Fantastic Animated Movies With Possible Sequels

Most Honest

The quest for truth is a vain attempt for Utopia. I mean, I am not even sure if I have the truth of existence. From what I've heard lately from people who have a say on the issue: truth is biased, truth is subjective. Does this mean that there are no absolute truths?

Honestly speaking I don't even care... I am not like John who demands truth here and there like they are pieces of coins or something. What does he know about truth and honesty by the way? Just because he had the most honest award in Elementary and, shamefully, a ribbon on honesty during high school, does not mean he is still honest until now. He is crazy, a hypocrite!

So enough chit chat and let us either discuss some boring stuff and such. Movies. The following years will be once again plaqued by sequels. But for now here is a list of animated movies that might possibly have some sequels:

Whew! that was a lot. I am hoping that John will not have to spend another 300 bucks for every movie and be disappointed after watching it just like what happened with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. John said the movie was awful, but he can't help but salute the OST of the movie.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Eliminating Unnecessary Emotions and Extra Burdens You Add Up to Your Life

Structure of the human brain

Seeing the world go crumble is inevitable especially to those who let their hearts rule the arena of life. That is why I salute the people with cerebral personality, not allowing the urges of their hearts affect their daily living and decision making. They use their brains, brains, and brains alone. In short, they live like cyborgs, unaffected by the emotions.

But most of the people around the world are not what we call cerebral, they are emotional. There's no need to mention that Rachel Crow's emotional breakdown when she was eliminated last time at the X Factor show was such an example. She is young at 13, but to break down in front of many audience is not the one I was hoping for.

John is such a wimpy emotional git. I was laughing out loud seeing him tear up over Drew's elimination and what followed was certainly hell. And then for the hundredth times now he kept on viewing Drew's performance at Simon Cowell's house in France. the song was kinda great, but I don't think it really left a mark on my minute brain.

So I told John to stop being such a git and start eliminating unnecessary emotions if he could manage it to. There's no point on lambasting over something when you know no one would even care. The best thing for him to do is work his ass out until he would be done with all of his tickets and task and finally see some end results. With this, maybe he would be given some extra bonus by his client and then I would join in with the fun again...

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Principles of 'Garbage In, Garbage Out' and 'See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Say No Evil'


One doesn't have to know the meaning of the computing phrase "Garbage In, Garbage Out" in order to understand that whatever you feed yourself is what most probably will come out of you.

I am usually unaffected by these bullshits, but my friend once again kept on berating me on these matters. He is telling me that in order not to release an evil aura I should "See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil." What-the-hell-that-ever means? He said: Whatever the external stimuli are given you will definitely return back to the external environment.

Here are some pictures over the internet, which I don't claim ownership by the way, that put a twist to the phrase:

They are kind of bizarre and artistic at the same time like this book from Clive Barker entitled Abarat: Absolute Midnight, which is the third book from the series. John has almost lost interest of this series since the last book prior to this got out almost 6 years ago. That was a lot of years of waiting and I pity my friend for the long depression he has to go through just to take his hand on this one. Where did he ever get that patience that he can manifest on books but never on people and other lousy situations?

It was such a nice thing though that no matter how long you've waited, the troubles and the misfortunes that one has to go through seems like a far-away issue whenever it finally arrived. Lucky me I don't expect any bonuses because I am not working: I am imaginary after all, and I don't need money in order to survive. But if I ever get a bonus, I would definitely buy John the mass market edition of this book to alleviate his down feeling.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shaking And Crying Over Love After War by Robin Thicke

Love After War

Before the week ended, I was able to get a copy of Robin Thicke's Love After War. And I abhor it. I don't know why my friend John really liked it. I don't know what's with him and all those hippy and hoppy, lovey dovey soul music: It's frustrating and annoying.

For the thought of me I don't even know why I kept on hanging out with my friend John cause we are the exact opposite. He likes the things I hate and hate the things I love. For one thing, I hated music on a general view, same with movies especially by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. For another he shared me with this "fantastic art":
Miyazaki Funfare
Thanks to fartysister, my friend is yet again rolling on the floor ogling over this artwork. Kodus!

I don't know why war is such a necessary element in order to achieve peace. Like, why one has to quarrel and impose his point of view before others would have to accept it (or better yet be resigned and accept it without question.) Thicke's album is just so appropriately titled that I was *Shaking and Crying* as I action-quote X-Factor's Rachel Crow.

And another thing, be fooled by Immortal's dazzling trailer. The movie is just amazing owing to the fact of a lousy scriptwriting and directing, and lousy Gods.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

All-Things Imaginary Friends and Why I Bother Giving Them My Attention

Imaginary Friend

Let's face it. Who would believe the "Best Friends Forever" still work. This is the modern world and what applies before could not be said true today. So enough BFF talk and let's focus on something psychological, something more fun: Imaginary Friends.

For whatever reasons, people who are not satisfied with the real world create their own. Here, they can control everything, from whoever are living to it and how places look like, to whatever weather the world experiences and blah, blah, blah, blah. It's not surprising then that they choose also their imaginary friends. Imaginary friends are not that really bad after all. In fact, it has infiltrated the world under many marketing arena and here as just some of them:

Foster's Foster Home For Imaginary Friends
Imaginary Friends Tee Shirt
Imaginary Friends Books
There are a lot more... Good for the marketers of these items since they are helping people with Imaginary Friends survive the world by conforming to their fantasies instead of just letting them listen to Johann Sebastian Bach's Air.

This is Kernel, by the way. The blog owner's Imaginary Friend.