Wednesday, December 7, 2011

All-Things Imaginary Friends and Why I Bother Giving Them My Attention

Imaginary Friend

Let's face it. Who would believe the "Best Friends Forever" still work. This is the modern world and what applies before could not be said true today. So enough BFF talk and let's focus on something psychological, something more fun: Imaginary Friends.

For whatever reasons, people who are not satisfied with the real world create their own. Here, they can control everything, from whoever are living to it and how places look like, to whatever weather the world experiences and blah, blah, blah, blah. It's not surprising then that they choose also their imaginary friends. Imaginary friends are not that really bad after all. In fact, it has infiltrated the world under many marketing arena and here as just some of them:

Foster's Foster Home For Imaginary Friends
Imaginary Friends Tee Shirt
Imaginary Friends Books
There are a lot more... Good for the marketers of these items since they are helping people with Imaginary Friends survive the world by conforming to their fantasies instead of just letting them listen to Johann Sebastian Bach's Air.

This is Kernel, by the way. The blog owner's Imaginary Friend.