Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Eliminating Unnecessary Emotions and Extra Burdens You Add Up to Your Life

Structure of the human brain

Seeing the world go crumble is inevitable especially to those who let their hearts rule the arena of life. That is why I salute the people with cerebral personality, not allowing the urges of their hearts affect their daily living and decision making. They use their brains, brains, and brains alone. In short, they live like cyborgs, unaffected by the emotions.

But most of the people around the world are not what we call cerebral, they are emotional. There's no need to mention that Rachel Crow's emotional breakdown when she was eliminated last time at the X Factor show was such an example. She is young at 13, but to break down in front of many audience is not the one I was hoping for.

John is such a wimpy emotional git. I was laughing out loud seeing him tear up over Drew's elimination and what followed was certainly hell. And then for the hundredth times now he kept on viewing Drew's performance at Simon Cowell's house in France. the song was kinda great, but I don't think it really left a mark on my minute brain.

So I told John to stop being such a git and start eliminating unnecessary emotions if he could manage it to. There's no point on lambasting over something when you know no one would even care. The best thing for him to do is work his ass out until he would be done with all of his tickets and task and finally see some end results. With this, maybe he would be given some extra bonus by his client and then I would join in with the fun again...