Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy By Rick Riordan Gets A Stunning Cover (Thank You Very Much, Jon Rocco)

I am not joking award! It is that time of the year again when another cover of a book by Rick Riordan is unveiled. This time it is for the second outing of the Trails of Apollo, The Dark Prophecy. The cover features Apollo, also known as Lester Papadopoulos, astride a might griffin, griffon, or gryphon. And what are weird are the almost spaceship like structure in the background and a legion of war-ready ostrich on the foreground.

Artist Jon Rocco, who did all of the other Rick Riordan book covers, has surpassed himself once again. I always thought that his arts for the Magnus Chase books were the best, but then here comes another that wiped out all my presumptions. On the other hand, you can read an excerpt over here.

Check out the cover of The Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan.

The Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan


Zeus has punished his son Apollo--god of the sun, music, archery, poetry, and more--by casting him down to earth in the form of a gawky, acne-covered sixteen-year-old mortal named Lester. The only way Apollo can reclaim his rightful place on Mount Olympus is by restoring several Oracles that have gone dark. What is affecting the Oracles, and how can Apollo/Lester do anything about them without his powers?

After experiencing a series of dangerous--and frankly, humiliating--trials at Camp Half-Blood, Lester must now leave the relative safety of the demigod training ground and embark on a hair-raising journey across North America. Somewhere in the American Midwest, he and his companions must find the most dangerous Oracle from ancient times: a haunted cave that may hold answers for Apollo in his quest to become a god again--if it doesn't kill him or drive him insane first. Standing in Apollo's way is the second member of the evil Triumvirate, a Roman emperor whose love of bloodshed and spectacle makes even Nero look tame. To survive the encounter, Apollo will need the help of son of Hephaestus Leo Valdez, the now-mortal sorceress Calypso, the bronze dragon Festus, and other unexpected allies--some familiar, some new--from the world of demigods. Come along for what promises to be a harrowing, hilarious, and haiku-filled ride....

The Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan will be released on May 2, 2017.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Red Sister (Book Of The Ancestor) By Mark Lawrence Gets Its Official US Cover

A few weeks ago, author Mark Lawrence has teased us with a snippet of the cover art for his upcoming novel, Red Sister. Avid fans were ecstatic and excited to see the whole thing, of course. Now we don't have to wait any longer as the official cover for the said book (US edition) has been unveiled.

The cover art was crafted by Bastien Lecouff Deharme. Jason Chan did his previous book covers and since the new novel is not set in the same universe as his previous books the publisher wanted to give it a different look and feel. And they definitely give it it's own identity. I hope readers will not become skeptical about his new series, instead this should open up a new opportunity and readership.

Check out the cover of Red Sister by Mark Lawrence.

Red Sister by Mark Lawrence


The international bestselling author of the Broken Empire and the Red Queen’s War trilogies begins a stunning epic fantasy series about a secretive order of holy warriors...

At the Convent of Sweet Mercy, young girls are raised to be killers. In some few children the old bloods show, gifting rare talents that can be honed to deadly or mystic effect. But even the mistresses of sword and shadow don’t truly understand what they have purchased when Nona Grey is brought to their halls.

A bloodstained child of eight falsely accused of murder, guilty of worse, Nona is stolen from the shadow of the noose. It takes ten years to educate a Red Sister in the ways of blade and fist, but under Abbess Glass’s care there is much more to learn than the arts of death. Among her class Nona finds a new family—and new enemies.

Despite the security and isolation of the convent, Nona’s secret and violent past finds her out, drawing with it the tangled politics of a crumbling empire. Her arrival sparks old feuds to life, igniting vicious struggles within the church and even drawing the eye of the emperor himself.

Beneath a dying sun, Nona Grey must master her inner demons, then loose them on those who stand in her way.

Red Sister (First Book of the Ancestor) by Mark Lawrence will be released on April 4, 2017.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Check Out The Official Cover Of Lord Of Shadows (The Dark Artifices #2) By Cassandra Clare

The Dark Artifices series is coming along well and Cassandra Clare is moving on with the second book in this three-book series title Lord of Shadows. And great news for those who are looking forward for this book. We may have to wait until next year to get our hands on this book but we can already admire it's mind-boggling cover the defies gravity and space.

Check out the new cover of Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices #2) by Cassandra Clare.

Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare


Sunny Los Angeles can be a dark place indeed in Cassandra Clare’s Lord of Shadows, the sequel to the #1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling Lady Midnight. Lord of Shadows is a Shadowhunters novel.

Emma Carstairs has finally avenged her parents. She thought she’d be at peace. But she is anything but calm. Torn between her desire for her parabatai Julian and her desire to protect him from the brutal consequences of parabatai relationships, she has begun dating his brother, Mark. But Mark has spent the past five years trapped in Faerie; can he ever truly be a Shadowhunter again?

And the faerie courts are not silent. The Unseelie King is tired of the Cold Peace, and will no longer concede to the Shadowhunters’ demands. Caught between the demands of faerie and the laws of the Clave, Emma, Julian, and Mark must find a way to come together to defend everything they hold dear—before it’s too late.

Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices #2) by Cassandra Clare will hit bookstores in May 23, 2017.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Live-Action 'Beauty And The Beast' Remake Graces With Emotionally Musical Full Trailer

Watching Disney's animated movies way back when VHS were still in was a family affair. My aunt who lived in the States (until now) would bring with her copies of every animated movies made by Disney when she visits the country and then the whole clan would crowd in their home to watch them until evening. I was looking forward for those gatherings every year...

One of those feature length animations was Beauty and the Beast, and I could still remember everyone's delight, smiles, shrieks and fearful moaning while watching it. And now that technology has caught up with the technicalities of the movie a live-action adaptation is in the works and is about to grace our cinemas. I for one would now be able to relive those moments, bringing in a bitter-sweet nostalgia.

Beauty and the Beast

This Bill Condon-directed adaptation stars Emma Watson as Belle; Dan Stevens as the Beast; Luke Evans as Gaston, the handsome, but shallow villager who woos Belle; Oscar® winner Kevin Kline as Maurice, Belle’s eccentric, but lovable father; Josh Gad as Lefou, Gaston’s long-suffering aide-de-camp; Golden Globe® nominee Ewan McGregor as Lumiere, the candelabra; Oscar nominee Stanley Tucci as Maestro Cadenza, the harpsichord; Oscar nominee Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, the mantel clock; and two-time Academy Award® winner Emma Thompson as the teapot, Mrs. Potts

Check out the full trailer of Beauty and the Beast.


Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is a live-action re-telling of the studio’s animated classic which refashions the classic characters from the tale as old as time for a contemporary audience, staying true to the original music while updating the score with several new songs. “Beauty and the Beast” is the fantastic journey of Belle, a bright, beautiful and independent young woman who is taken prisoner by a beast in his castle. Despite her fears, she befriends the castle’s enchanted staff and learns to look beyond the Beast’s hideous exterior and realize the kind heart and soul of the true Prince within.

Beauty and the Beast will be released in theaters on March 17, 2017.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Luc Besson's 'Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets' Official Teaser Trailer Dazzles

I've got to be honest. I don't know much about Luc Besson (I have only a vague recollection of The Fifth Element way back when I was small), but the moment I saw with trepidation the new trailer for his upcoming movie called Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets I am already sold. Just watch the trailer so you know what I mean.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

This Luc Besson-directed and -written movie stars Dane DeHaan, Cara Delevingne, Clive Owen, Rihanna, Ethan Hawke, John Goodman, Herbie Hancock, and Kris Wu. The movie was adapted from the work by Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mézières called Valérian and Laureline.

Check out the trailer of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.


Rooted in the classic graphic novel series, Valerian and Laureline- visionary writer/director Luc Besson advances this iconic source material into a contemporary, unique and epic science fiction saga.

Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne) are special operatives for the government of the human territories charged with maintaining order throughout the universe.

Under directive from their Commander (Clive Owen), Valerian and Laureline embark on a mission to the breathtaking intergalactic city of Alpha, an ever-expanding metropolis comprised of thousands of different species from all four corners of the universe. Alpha’s seventeen million inhabitants have converged over time- uniting their talents, technology and resources for the betterment of all. Unfortunately, not everyone on Alpha shares in these same objectives; in fact, unseen forces are at work, placing our race in great danger.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets will be released in theaters on July 21, 2017.

Friday, October 21, 2016

'Generation One': Pittacus Lore Returns To 'I Am Number Four' Universe With The New 'Lorien Legacies Reborn' Series

If you're depressed by the harrowing finale of the I Am Number Four Series (aka The Lorien Legacies)... If you're worried that Pittacus Lore won't be back to tell more fantastic stories... or if you are wanting to have more of the beloved Garde and Legacies... then this news might bring a good mood to your day and a smile to your frowning faces.

Pittacus Lore will be chronicling the new generations of Legacies, Gardes, and Elders in his new series called Lorien Legacies Reborn. There is no details regarding the total number of books in this series yet, but we can already have a look in the first one.

Check out the cover of Generation One, the first book in the new series by Pittacus Lore called Lorien Legacies Reborn.

Generation One by Pittacus Lore

You can watch the video advertisement or announcement here.

Updated: here is a cover of Generation One in higher resolution.

There is no official synopsis released at the moment but you can expect to read this book on it's publication day, June 27, 2017. Generation One (Lorien Legacies Reborn) by Pittacus Lore is now up for preorder.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Poster Brings Back The Retro Feel And Cute Baby Groot!

Marvel is having a run with our money... what with all these blockbuster superhero movies that we can't really get enough of despite their numerous sequels and tie-ins already. One of their upcoming movie that will surely get our attention is Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. And as a treat a new black and white poster has been unveiled along with an exciting sneak peek.

This James Gunn directed and written movie brings Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan, Sean Gunn, and Glenn Close back. They will be joined by Pom Klementieff as Mantis, Elizabeth Debicki as Ayesha, Chris Sullivan as Taserface, and Kurt Russell as Ego.

Check out the new poster of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Just look at the cure Groot detail in this poster!

And immerse your self with this sneak peek. #Obviously

The synopsis is still in the wraps, but owing to the connecting and linear planning of the Marvel Team we may be able to expect great things from the movie.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 will hit theaters on May 5, 2017.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them' Movie Releases Final Trailer And Theatrical Poster

In a few months will be able to finally witness the next magical adventure from J.K. Rowling in the form of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie. But before that, let's all enjoy the final trailer and poster of the said movie. Spoiler: Gellert Grindelwald's somehow connected into this movie!

The movie is directed by David Yates and stars Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Dan Fogler, Alison Sudol, Colin Farrell, Samantha Morton, Ezra Miller, Carmen Ejogo, and Jon Voight. The screenplay was written by word-smith J. K. Rowling, based on her own original work of the same title. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is the first movie of a projected trilogy.

Check out the new trailer of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

The final poster has already been released.

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them


In 1926, Newt Scamander arrives at the Magical Congress of the United States of America for a meeting with an important official. At this meeting is a magically expanded briefcase, which houses a number of dangerous creatures and their habitats. When the creatures escape from the briefcase, it sends the American wizarding authorities after Newt.

The situation threatens to strain even further the state of magical and non-magical relations, which is already in a dangerous place, due to the threatening presence of the fanatical New Salem Philanthropic Society, an extremist organization dedicated to the eradication of wizard-kind. Newt battles to correct the mistake, and the horrors of the resultant increase in violence, fear, and tension felt between magical and non-magical peoples.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be released on November 18, 2016.

Monday, September 19, 2016

'The Legion Of Flame' Continues Anthony Ryan's The Draconis Memoria Series #TheWakingFire

It would still take me days to finish reading The Waking Fire by Anthony Ryan. It is the first book in his new series called The Draconis Memoria. I first became acquainted with his works when I first read his debut novel, Blood Song, and its sequels Tower Lord and Queen of Fire.

His new series is an entirely new and different journey and from what I have read so far it's going to be as good as his debut, if not better. That is why I am already excited for his next book, which he revealed to be called The Legion of Flame.... So excited that I have to create cover arts by my own.

Check out these fan-made covers (made by yours truly) for The Legion of Flame by Anthony Ryan. (Plus a placeholder image here.)

US Edition

The Legion of Flame by Anthony Ryan (US Edition)

UK Edition

The Legion of Flame by Anthony Ryan (UK Edition)

Artist: Jamie Jones; Source:
 * No copyright infringement intended on the raw images used. The copyright holders are the owners of respective images.

There is no official synopsis release yet, but the release date for The Legion of Flame by Anthony Ryan has already been set on July 6, 2017 and the author is busy writing it.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Fifty Shades Darker Movie Adaptation Masquerades New Teaser Trailer And Poster

The steamy duo of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele is back and it's darker than ever. If you think you've seen it all in Fifty Shades of Grey then be prepared to be surprised in this climactic sequel, Fifty Shades Darker.

This movie adaptation is directed by James Foley (taking over from director Sam Taylor-Johnson). It stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. They will be joined by Marcia Gay Harden, Jennifer Ehle, Luke Grimes, Rita Ora, Victor Rasuk, Eloise Mumford, Max Martini, Kim Basinger, Hugh Dancy, Bella Heathcote and Eric Johnson. The screenplay is written by Niall Leonard, based on the novel by E.L. James.

Finally, here is the official trailer of Fifty Shader Darker.

Check out the trailer teaser of Fifty Shades Darker.

And here is the poster of Fifty Shades Darker.

Fifty Shades Darker


Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson return as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades Darker, the second chapter based on the worldwide bestselling “Fifty Shades” phenomenon. Expanding upon events set in motion in 2015’s blockbuster film that grossed more than $560 million globally, the new installment arrives for Valentine’s Day and invites you to slip into something a shade darker.

When a wounded Christian Grey tries to entice a cautious Ana Steele back into his life, she demands a new arrangement before she will give him another chance. As the two begin to build trust and find stability, shadowy figures from Christian’s past start to circle the couple, determined to destroy their hopes for a future together.

Fifty Shades Darker will be released in theaters on February 10, 2017 .

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Victor Milán Continues 'The Dinosaur Lords' With 'The Dinosaur Princess', Plus Cover Reveal

Ahoy! Victor Milán is back with the third serving of the The Dinosaur Lords series. The next book is called Eowyn and I am assuming the central character will follow the footsteps of Eowyn of Rohan from Lord of the Rings, Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones, and many more.

Once again, Richard Anderson -- also known under the flaptraps banner -- has done a marvelous job! This is the, for me, the best cover in the lot. The first two may seem two-dimensional due to the profile positioning of the dinosaurs, while this one has an almost frontal dinosaurs giving it an illusion of 3D!

Check out the cover of The Dinosaur Princess by Victor Milán.

The Dinosaur Princess by Victor Milán

Check out all three books in the series, so far.


Paradise is a marvelous but dangerous place—a realm where knights ride these beasts in order to fight epic medieval battles; a place where magic is real.The ancient gods who brought mankind to Paradise have returned to judge their human experiment. The Grey Angels, fabled ancient weapons of the gods, have come to rid the world of sin.

And if humans are deemed unworthy, they will be scourged from the face of Paradise…

The Dinosaur Princess by Victor Milán will be released in July 2017.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Signed Collector's Edition Of The Song Rising (The Bone Season #3) By Samantha Shannon

This seems to be a good day after Samantha Shannon rushed from her meeting with her publisher. She was excited to share some great news that makes every OCD folks, like me, go wild with ecstasy. She just shared that there will be a collector's edition for The Song Rising. Yay!

The Collector's Edition will satisfyingly follow through the designs of the previous two books in the series and highlights the Black Moth in the cover with a nasturtium flower above it. You can read more about the announcement over the author's blog.

Checkout the cover of The Song Rising: Collector's Edition by Samantha Shannon.


Following a bloody battle against foes on every side, Paige Mahoney has risen to the dangerous position of Underqueen, ruling over London's criminal population.

But, having turned her back on Jaxon Hall and with vengeful enemies still at large, the task of stabilizing the fractured underworld has never seemed so challenging.

Little does Paige know that her reign may be cut short by the introduction of Senshield, a deadly technology that spells doom for the clairvoyant community and the world as they know it . . .

The Song Rising: Collector's Edition by Samantha Shannon will be released the same day as the non-collector's edition. It will be on March 7, 2017. I just preordered my copies (both editions)!

I was hesitant to buy the book after the original cover reveal, but then...

Friday, August 5, 2016

'The Heart Of What Was Lost' By Tad Williams Gets Nice New Cover Art, Release Date, And Synopsis

Tad Williams... what more convincing do you need? I first heard of him in college when I bought his novel called Shadowmarch, which I so dearly loved. It's just too epic and fantastic in scale that I have to complete all four books in the supposed "trilogy."

Now he is coming back to the world where he first began: Osten Ard. His debut series, called Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn, is situated in this world. He will coming back with another trilogy (The Last King of Osten Ard) preluded by a novella titled The Heart of What Was Lost.

The cover and synopis of said novella have just been revealed. Check out the cover of The Heart of What Was Lost by Tad Williams.

The Heart of What Was Lost by Tad Williams

It is just too fantastic since it matches the redesigned cover of the original trilogy.

Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn


New York Times-bestselling Tad Williams’ ground-breaking epic fantasy saga of Osten Ard begins an exciting new cycle! • Perfect beginning for new readers!

The perfect introduction to the epic fantasy world of Osten Ard, The Heart of What Was Lost is Tad Williams’ follow-up to his internationally bestselling landmark trilogy. Osten Ard inspired a generation of modern fantasy writers, including George R.R. Martin, Patrick Rothfuss, and Christopher Paolini, and defined Tad Williams as one of the most important fantasy writers of our time. 

A Novel of Osten Ard

Osten Ard is at a critical turning point once again. Ancient enemies, long silent, are preparing to reclaim lands that were once theirs…

Don’t miss the brand-new trilogy, The Last King of Osten Ard, beginning with The Witchwood Crown! And explore more of Osten Ard in Tad William’s landmark original trilogy—Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn.

The Heart of What Was Lost by Tad Williams will be released on January 3, 2017. For more details, visit Treacherous Paths.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Anne Rice Revisits 'The Vampire Chronicles' With 'Prince Lestat And The Realms of Atlantis'

For months, I've been looking for "Blood Paradise" because it's basically the working title of the next Lestat book written by Anne Rice. No news have surfaced for quite a while and I was thinking maybe it isn't coming this year. And boom I have this great surprise, hearing about a new novel from said author, but it isn't the same title.

That is because the title of the next Prince Lestat adventure is Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis. Maybe becuase the marketing team is making a brand out of "Prince Lestat," just like book titles as "Harry Potter and the...". I have no qualms about it! So here is the official cover and synopsis.

Check out the cover of Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis by Anne Rice.

Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis by Anne Rice


From Anne Rice, conjurer of the beloved best sellers Interview with a Vampire and Prince Lestat, an ambitious and exhilarating new novel of utopian vision and power, uniting the ancient worlds and the legends of the Vampire Chronicles.

"In my dreams, I saw a city fall into the sea. I heard the cries of thousands. I saw flames that outshone the lamps of heaven. And all the world was shaken . . ." --Anne Rice, Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis

At the novel's center: the vampire Lestat de Lioncourt, hero, leader, inspirer, irresistible force, irrepressible spirit, battling (and ultimately reconciling with) a strange otherworldly form that has somehow taken possession of Lestat's undead body and soul. This ancient and mysterious power and unearthly spirit of vampire lore has all the force, history, and insidious reach of the unknowable Universe.

It is through this spirit, previously considered benign for thousands of vampire years and throughout the Vampire Chronicles, that we come to be told the hypnotic tale of a great sea power of ancient times; a mysterious heaven on earth situated on a boundless continent--and of how and why, and in what manner and with what far-reaching purpose, this force came to build and rule the great legendary empire of centuries ago that thrived in the Atlantic Ocean.

And as we learn of the mighty, far-reaching powers and perfections of this lost kingdom of Atalantaya, the lost realms of Atlantis, we come to understand its secrets, and how and why the vampire Lestat, indeed all the vampires, must reckon so many millennia later with the terrifying force of this ageless, all-powerful Atalantaya spirit.

Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis by Anne Rice will be released on November 29, 2016.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Official Cover Is Out! Endgame #3: 'Rules Of The Game' By James Frey And Nils Johnson-Shelton

The art department behind the Endgame series is always ahead of me. I've been making fan-made covers for the next books in the series and they always surprised me with something astounding and far beyond what I imagined the covers would look like. Still, I am flattered that Goodreads will use my fan-made covers as placeholder images.

I've always thought the cover of the final book in the trilogy would be bluish and sub-imposed by something that has greatly to do with the series. And now I am stumped, as again, they have proven my assumptions wrong. Instead of the bluish palette (to follow the color schemes of book covers), we get a greyish black cover, featuring a star-filled night sky -- and constellations!

Check out the official cover of Endgame #3: Rules of the Game by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton.

And so here is the entire Endgame series!


The explosive final novel in the Endgame trilogy. Two keys have been found. The strongest Players are left. One final key remains to win Endgame and save the world.

For Sarah, Jago, Aisling, Maccabee, Shari, An, and Hilal, Endgame has reached its final phase. The third key, Sun Key, is all that stands between one Player saving their line—or perishing along with the rest of the world. And only one can win.

West Bengal, India: Maccabee is Playing to win. He has Earth Key and Sky Key and he is determined to find Sun Key. But in Endgame, fate can turn in the blink of an eye. He must Play carefully. He must watch his back.

Kolkata, India: An Liu is Playing for death. His goal: stop Endgame, and take the world down with him.

Sikkim, India: For Aisling, Sarah, Jago, Shari, and Hilal, their mission is to stop Endgame. Sun Key must not be found.

No matter what they’re Playing for, all of the remaining Players have one thing in common: they will end the game, but on their own terms.

Rules of the Game by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton will be released on December 27, 2016. Another change in detail since it was originally set for October 4, 2016.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Walt Disney's 'Beauty And The Beast' Unveils A Chilling Teaser Poster, Featuring The Enchanted Rose

I am reliving my childhood days with the live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. It brings about a nostalgia on me, which I can't really explain why and how? I've seen some other Disney animated movies adapted into live-action format (The Jungle Book, for example), but I never felt anything quite like how I am feeling with the said movie.

This movie is directed by Bill Condon, who -- as you might remember -- also directed the final two Twilight Saga movies. The movie stars Emma Watson as the bibliophile Belle, Dan Stevens as the princely Beast, Luke Evans as the narcissistic Gaston. They will be joined by Kevin Kline, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Audra McDonald, Ian McKellen, and Emma Thompson.

Check out the chilling new teaser poster of Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast

And in case you missed the equally chilling teaser trailer, you can watch it below.


Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is a live-action re-telling of the studio’s animated classic which refashions the classic characters from the tale as old as time for a contemporary audience, staying true to the original music while updating the score with several new songs. “Beauty and the Beast” is the fantastic journey of Belle, a bright, beautiful and independent young woman who is taken prisoner by a beast in his castle. Despite her fears, she befriends the castle’s enchanted staff and learns to look beyond the Beast’s hideous exterior and realize the kind heart and soul of the true Prince within. The film stars: Emma Watson as Belle; Dan Stevens as the Beast; Luke Evans as Gaston, the handsome, but shallow villager who woos Belle; Oscar® winner Kevin Kline as Maurice, Belle’s eccentric, but lovable father; Josh Gad as Lefou, Gaston’s long-suffering aide-de-camp; Golden Globe® nominee Ewan McGregor as Lumiere, the candelabra; Oscar nominee Stanley Tucci as Maestro Cadenza, the harpsichord; Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Plumette, the feather duster; six-time Tony Award® winner Audra McDonald as Madame Garderobe, the wardrobe; Oscar nominee Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, the mantel clock; and two-time Academy Award® winner Emma Thompson as the teapot, Mrs. Potts.

Directed by Oscar® winner Bill Condon from a screenplay by TBD based on the 1991 animated film, the film is produced by Mandeville Films’ David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman with eight-time Oscar-winning composer Alan Menken, who won two Academy Awards® (Best Original Score and Best Song) for the 1991 animated film, providing the score, which will include new recordings of the original songs written by Menken and Howard Ashman, as well as several new songs written by Menken and three-time Oscar winner Tim Rice. “Beauty and the Beast” will be released in U.S. theaters on March 17, 2017.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mark Of The Thief Book 3 By Jennifer Nielsen Gets Official Title, Cover Art, And Release Date

This Roman inspired series by Jennifer Nielsen that started with The Mark of the Thief and continued with The Rise of the Wolf is coming to a close. The author has just unveiled the official cover, full title and release date of said book.

Presenting Wrath of the Storm in its purplish glory, featuring in the center-stage a fiery elk or reindeer. Will Nicolas Calva ever survive the encounters awaiting him or will he suffer to the death in order to save an ancient magical world. Let's all find out next year!

Check out the cover of Wrath of the Storm by Jennifer A. Nielsen.

Wrath of the Storm by Jennifer A. Nielsen

And as a recap, here are the three covers in the series.


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer A. Nielsen delivers the action-packed conclusion to her magical Mark of the Thief trilogy!

Trouble has a way of seeking out Nicolas Calva, and it's not likely to leave him alone any time soon. With Caesar's magic bulla, the Malice of Mars, and the possibility of a Jupiter Stone in play, all the powers of Rome are circling Nic. He'll have to maneuver his way through scheming government officials and reawakened magical beasts to save the Empire. Can he manage to keep his friends and family safe, claim his own freedom once and for all, and rescue the Empire -- before the magic gets the better of him?

With twists and turns on every page, critically acclaimed author Jennifer Nielsen weaves an epic, action-packed conclusion to her extraordinary Mark of the Thief trilogy.

Wrath of the Storm will be released on January 31, 2017.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Watch The Second Official Trailer Of Tim Burton's 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children', Plus Character Posters

The first trailer of the movie Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children received a temporary backlash from the fans of the original material, especially the purists. They don't understand why the people behind the camera -- they are pointing more on director Tim Burton -- changed some of the major plot points and goes very far away from the novel... Personally I have learned to accept the differences between the media, regarding story-telling.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

But I guess those backlash will be washed away realizing the genius of the movie adaptation. Just watch the new trailer of the movie to see more of this wonderful movie adaptation, starring Eva Green, Asa Butterfield, Chris O'Dowd, Ella Purnell, Allison Janney, Rupert Everett, Terence Stamp, with Judi Dench and Samuel L. Jackson.

Watch the second official trailer of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children below.

And in case you missed them, here are the character posters of the movie.


From visionary director Tim Burton, and based upon the best-selling novel, comes an unforgettable motion picture experience. When Jake discovers clues to a mystery that spans alternate realities and times, he uncovers a secret refuge known as Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. As he learns about the residents and their unusual abilities, Jake realizes that safety is an illusion, and danger lurks in the form of powerful, hidden enemies. Jake must figure out who is real, who can be trusted, and who he really is.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children leaps to theaters on September 30, 2016.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Endgame Trilogy Concludes With 'Rules Of The Game' By James Frey And Nils Johnson-Shelton

The end of the world is almost upon us, that is if the Earth's long chosen champions fail to complete the test... Author James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton will closing the curtain to the beloved Endgame series with Rules of the Game, coming out this year.

Who will triumph and who will get the final key, eventually completing all 3? The release date is more than four months away, but we don;t have the official cover yet so I have create one for you (and for me, of course)!

Here is a fan-made cover I made for Rules of the Game by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton. Update: You can checkout the official cover!

Rules of the Game by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton

Wouldn't they look good together?


The revolutionary Endgame trilogy concludes in this explosive finale to the series. One key remains—can the Players find it before the end of the world?

The strongest are left.
One final key remains.
The fate of the world is in their hands.

The world of Endgame is populated by twelve ancient bloodlines. In each line, a Player trains for a catastrophic event that has not yet happened—until the Calling. Once they were called, the Players set off on a journey in search of three ancient keys that will save not just their line, but the world. Two keys have now been found, and the remaining Players must find the final key—before Endgame brings about the ultimate destruction.

Each book in the trilogy features an interactive “super puzzle” comprised of clues and riddles layered into the story.

Rules of the Game by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton will bookstores on October 4, 2016. Update: The release date has been moved to December 27, 2016.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Bone Season #3: 'The Song Rising' By Samantha Shannon Gets An Official Cover And Updated Release Date

The third franchise of The Bone Season is rising! The Song Rising now has a face, I mean a cover... And for those who have been complaining of the long wait for the November 2016 release, here is a grave news: the book is rescheduled for release next year!

The new cover is a lot different compared with the first two due to some redesign (You might be interested to know that the reissued paperback edition will have new cover designs as well inspired by this new layout and typeset). That just busted my OCD-ness, but one thing the author Samantha Shannon confirmed is the spine of the books will be as faithful to the original two. I am a little bit consoled...

Check out the cover of The Song Rising By Samantha Shannon (US Edition).

The Song Rising By Samantha Shannon

For UK Edition


And as a proof about uniformity, Shannon posted a picture for the spine of the books in the series.

And what can you say about the resissue designs of the books int he series.

Here are the bigger versions:


On the eve of a new decade, after two hundred years of Scion rule, a revolution is beginning. Its unlikely cradle is the clairvoyant underworld in London, and even an old ally’s betrayal cannot stop it.

But an enemy from Paige Mahoney’s past is about to return – an enemy that could quench the flame of hope for good . . .

The Song Rising is the third book in the Bone Season series.

The Song Rising By Samantha Shannon will be postponed from November 16, 2016 to March 7, 2017.

Better Late Than Never: Excited To See The Official Cover Of 'A Conjuring Of Light' By V.E. Schwab

It's a good thing that author Victoria Schwab adapted the pseudonym V. E. Schwab, very much like how J. K. Rowling did to have many boy readerships. I wouldn't know the psychology behind but I would most certainly skip her book if I see the former rather than the latter name (no offense) on the cover.

I first became familiar of her when I saw an ancient, tanned copy of Vicious (one of her earlier works under such name) and I immediately fell in love with it. But sadly I didn't buy it right away due to the condition of the book, but I've been dying to find a brand new copy (that's just my OCD taking control).

And then a few months later I saw her first Shades of Magic book and my resolve hardened like platinum: she should be part of my already cramp shelf. Fast forward to now, we have the third book in the series, which is called A Conjuring of Light coming out next year. One of the good things about this series would be the gorgeous covers that simply satisfied my OCD.

Check out the cover of A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab.

Just see how greatly it would fit with the collection.


Londons fall and kingdoms rise while darkness sweeps the Maresh Empire—and the fraught balance of magic blossoms into dangerous territory while heroes and foes struggle alike. The direct sequel to A Gathering of Shadows, and the final book in the Shades of Magic epic fantasy series, A Conjuring of Light sees Schwab reach a thrilling culmination concerning the fate of beloved protagonists—and old enemies.

A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab hits shelves on February 21, 2017.

And on a side note, Vicious fans will be delighted to hear that the sequel, Vengeful, will be coming our way as well. Another trilogy to devour!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Is 'The Bastards and the Knives: The Gentleman Bastard' By Scott Lynch Really To Be Published In 2017?

While I was deeply engrossed, busy doing what I was supposed to do one dreary night, I heard my mail notification that grabbed me out of my concentration. It was a slightly confusing email from Amazon that Bastards and the Knives by Scott Lynch had now become available. Really?!? I thought is was a no-go.

When I checked the link it indeed has an official release set for next year and a tentative price of $11.87 with 336 pages of pure ecstasy. Of course, I preferred the hardcover edition from Gollancz (UK) and I was saddened to see that the listing is just for paperback. Despite this I was hopeful since The Thorn of Emberlain, which is confirmed to be published this September, has a paperback listing in Amazon as well, whilst it has a hardcover edition in Amazon UK (I have already pre-ordered from UK).

After all of this I did a double take and nurtured a little skepticism, because Amazon has long been known to post erroneous information once in a while. Is this confirmed... is this for real? I hope anyone could shed a light into it and disperse the doubt that's been clouding my mind.

Check out the cover of Bastards and the Knives by Scott Lynch. * This is slightly modified by yours truly.

I am slightly torn by the news that I have to create a customized dust jacket for it, with the front cover slightly modified... following the typeset of The Thorn of Emberlain, where Scott Lynch's name is now more prominent.


These two novellas tell the story of how Locke, Jean and the other gentleman bastards acquired the Austershalin brandy that played such a key role in the con at the centre of The Lies of Locke Lamora and how they managed to avoid being killed by the elite assassins known as the Choir of Knives. These two novellas will fill in the backstory of the Bastards and allow fans to revisit the pleasures of the banter and antics of Caldo, Galdo and Bug as well discover how Locke and Jean forged their gang. They will also serve as an excellent introduction to Locke and his world for new readers. And because these are novellas by Scott Lynch they will also provide 100,000 words full of devious con-work, high adventure, razor sharp dialogue and rich atmopshere.

Bastards and the Knives by Scott Lynch is reportedly to be published on. March 1, 2017