Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Is 'The Bastards and the Knives: The Gentleman Bastard' By Scott Lynch Really To Be Published In 2017?

While I was deeply engrossed, busy doing what I was supposed to do one dreary night, I heard my mail notification that grabbed me out of my concentration. It was a slightly confusing email from Amazon that Bastards and the Knives by Scott Lynch had now become available. Really?!? I thought is was a no-go.

When I checked the link it indeed has an official release set for next year and a tentative price of $11.87 with 336 pages of pure ecstasy. Of course, I preferred the hardcover edition from Gollancz (UK) and I was saddened to see that the listing is just for paperback. Despite this I was hopeful since The Thorn of Emberlain, which is confirmed to be published this September, has a paperback listing in Amazon as well, whilst it has a hardcover edition in Amazon UK (I have already pre-ordered from UK).

After all of this I did a double take and nurtured a little skepticism, because Amazon has long been known to post erroneous information once in a while. Is this confirmed... is this for real? I hope anyone could shed a light into it and disperse the doubt that's been clouding my mind.

Check out the cover of Bastards and the Knives by Scott Lynch. * This is slightly modified by yours truly.

I am slightly torn by the news that I have to create a customized dust jacket for it, with the front cover slightly modified... following the typeset of The Thorn of Emberlain, where Scott Lynch's name is now more prominent.


These two novellas tell the story of how Locke, Jean and the other gentleman bastards acquired the Austershalin brandy that played such a key role in the con at the centre of The Lies of Locke Lamora and how they managed to avoid being killed by the elite assassins known as the Choir of Knives. These two novellas will fill in the backstory of the Bastards and allow fans to revisit the pleasures of the banter and antics of Caldo, Galdo and Bug as well discover how Locke and Jean forged their gang. They will also serve as an excellent introduction to Locke and his world for new readers. And because these are novellas by Scott Lynch they will also provide 100,000 words full of devious con-work, high adventure, razor sharp dialogue and rich atmopshere.

Bastards and the Knives by Scott Lynch is reportedly to be published on. March 1, 2017


Unknown said...

Amazon is lying. This is not an official release date -- neither Scott nor his publishers have mentioned this at all. You really can't trust Amazon for stuff like this, you know. They lie all the time -- so does goodreads. It's just part of their sales algorithms, every now and then they update their system with "release dates" for books that haven't been officially announced yet, and then everyone gets worked up into a tizzy about it.

It's not coming yet. Don't trust anyone but Scott or Gollancz themselves.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

The lies of Amazon lamora