Monday, February 24, 2020

'The Fowl Twins Deny All Charges' By Eoin Colfer Official Cover, Synopsis, And Release Date

One of the reasons why the stories by Eoin Colfer endures is because of his playfulness as a writer. As a young reader back then I never get the dull feeling when reading his books. The Artemis Fowl books were some of my all-time favorite reads that cultivated me to read more and more.

Now the author has moved on to his spin-off series after having completed the story arc of his original character. Focusing on the similarly genious and naughty twin siblings the new series called The Fowl Twins is now on its second offering and the official cover, synopsis and release date have just been revealed.

Check out the cover of The Fowl Twins Deny All Charges by Eoin Colfer.

The Fowl Twins Deny All Charges by Eoin Colfer


The second Fowl Twins adventure, a spinoff of the blockbuster Artemis Fowl series, starts with a bang--literally. Artemis's little brothers Myles and Beckett borrow the Fowl jet without permission, and it ends up as a fireball over Florida. The twins plus their fairy minder, the pixie-elf hybrid Lazuli Heitz, are lucky to escape with their lives. The Fowl parents and fairy police force decide that enough is enough and the twins are placed under house arrest. But Myles has questions like: Who was tracking the Fowl jet? Why would someone want to blow them out of the sky? What is the bigger picture? These questions must infuriate someone, because Myles is abducted and spirited away from his twin. Beckett and Lazuli must collaborate to find Myles and rescue him. Their chase will take them across continents, deep underground, and into subacquatic super villain lairs. They will be shot at, covered in spit, and be at the receiving end of some quite nasty dwarf sarcasm. Will Beckett be able to come up with a genius plan without a genius on hand?

The Fowl Twins Deny All Charges by Eoin Colfer will be released on October 20, 2020.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

A Slew Of 'Rick Riordan Presents' Titles You Should Be Excited For This Year And The Next!

A slew of Rick Riordan Presents books are coming our way! Are you excited of this news as I am? In the next months or so we will be having at least four of these much awaited books and we can be rest assured that our hunger for all things mythology will be satiated for the whole year round.

Here are the said titles with their official cover arts, descriptions, and release dates!

City of the Plague God by Sarwat Chadda

City of the Plague God by Sarwat Chadda


Disney and Rick Riordan Presents has bought City of the Plague God by Sarwat Chadda, a middle grade novel inspired by Mesopotamian mythology. In the story, Sikander Aziz, a Muslim boy born and raised in New York City, teams up with legendary hero Gilgamesh to defeat the ancient god of plagues before the entire population of Manhattan is wiped out.

City of the Plague God by Sarwat Chadda will be released on January 5, 2021.

Sal and Gabi Fix the Universe by Carlos Hernandez

Sal and Gabi Fix the Universe by Carlos Hernandez


Best-selling author Rick Riordan presents the sequel to the critically acclaimed Sal and Gabi Break the Universe, a brilliant sci-fi romp with Cuban influence. Among many other challenges, Sal and Gabi have to try to make everything right with our world when there is a rogue Gabi from another universe running loose.

Sal and Gabi Fix the Universe by Carlos Hernandez will be released on May 5, 2020.

The Shadow Crosser by J. C. Cervantes

The Shadow Crosser by J. C. Cervantes


Best-selling author Rick Riordan presents the epic finale to the Storm Runner trilogy, written by J.C. Cervantes, a tale of mystery, magic, and mayhem featuring gods from both Maya and Aztec mythology.

Zane Obispo has been looking forward to his training at the Shaman Institute for Higher Order Magic, and not only because it means he'll be reunited with his best friend, Brooks. Anything would be better than how he has spent the last three months: searching for the remaining godborns with a nasty demon who can sniff them out (literally). But when Zane tracks down the last kid on his list, he's in for a surprise: the "one" is actually a pair of twins, and they're trying to prevent a mysterious object from falling into the wrong hands.

After a shocking betrayal, Zane finds himself at SHIHOM sooner than expected. Even more shocking is the news that the Maya gods have gone missing. The bat god, Camazotz, and Ixkik' (aka Blood Moon) have taken them out of commission . . . and the godborns are their next target. The only thing the villains need now? The object that the twins possess.

Zane knows the godborns aren't strong enough yet to stand up to Zotz, Ixkik', and their army. There might be a way to save the gods, but it involves locating a magical calendar that can see across time and space . . . not to mention traveling more than thirty years into the past. In The Shadow Crosser, Zane and his friends embark on their most treacherous mission yet--a mission that, with one blunder, could change history as we know it, and worse, destroy the universe.

The Shadow Crosser by J. C. Cervantes will be released on September 1, 2020.

Tristan Strong Destroys the World by Kwame Mbalia

Tristan Strong Destroys the World by Kwame Mbalia


Bestselling author Rick Riordan presents the second book in the New York Times best-selling Tristan Strong trilogy by Kwame Mbalia. Tristan Strong, just back from a victorious but exhausting adventure in Alke, the land of African American folk heroes and African gods, is suffering from PTSD. But there's no rest for the weary when his grandmother is abducted by a mysterious villain out for revenge. Tristan must return to Alke--and reunite with his loud-mouthed sidekick, Gum Baby--in order to rescue Nana and stop the culprit from creating further devastation. Anansi, now a "web developer" in Tristan's phone, is close at hand to offer advice, and several new folk heroes will aid Tristan in his quest, but he will only succeed if he can figure out a way to sew broken souls back together.

Tristan Strong Destroys the World by Kwame Mbalia will be released on October 6, 2020.

And as a bonus here is a redesign of the award-winning Sal and Gabi Break the Universe by Carlos Hernandez alongside its sequel also described above.

Sal and Gabi redesign

Saturday, February 15, 2020

The Trials Of Apollo Final Book: 'The Tower Of Nero' By Rick Riordan Official Cover Stuns

Rick Riordan has stood the test of time in the publishing industry and that speaks volumes on the value and quality of his novels that opened up the mystical world of the ancient heroes and gods in a new light to modern readers. He is too successful and influential that he created an Imprint called Rick Riordan Presents that helps other writers of not-so-represented mythologies and got so well accepted as well it's been producing some of the best and award-winning novels...

His latest offering is the final book in the explosive The Trials of Apollo series. Titled The Tower of Nero, the book's official cover has been unvield. Now let me tell you one of the reasons why Riordan's books stood the test of time and that's the fantastic cover arts by John Rocco, giving the books vibrant and adventurous visuals for us to enjoy while reading them. Yes, yes I know people said to never judge a book by its cover but these said art are an entity on their own worth noting... just take the following cover for example.

Check of the cover of The Tower of Nero by Rick Riordan.


At last, the breathtaking, action-packed finale of the #1 bestselling Trials of Apollo series is here! Will the Greek god Apollo, cast down to earth in the pathetic moral form of a teenager named Lester Papadopoulos, finally regain his place on Mount Olympus? Lester's demigod friends at Camp Jupiter just helped him survive attacks from bloodthirsty ghouls, an evil Roman king and his army of the undead, and the lethal emperors Caligula and Commodus. Now the former god and his demigod master Meg must follow a prophecy uncovered by Ella the harpy. Lester's final challenge will be at the Tower of Nero, back in New York. Will Meg have a last showdown with her father? Will this helpless form of Apollo have to face his arch nemesis, Python? Who will be on hand at Camp Half-Blood to assist? These questions and more will be answered in this book that all demigods are eagerly awaiting.

The Tower of Nero by Rick Riordan will be released on September 29, 2020.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Cover Reveal: 'Piranesi' By Susanna Clarke

The moment the book was listed on some online books stores I preordered it right away. Yes! That is how excited I am of Piranesi by Susanna Clarke. I am not sure if this is really a direct follow-up to Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell but I can assume this is set in the same ethereal world of magic!

You see I'm in love with Susanna Clarke and it started after having read her first novel. At first I was daunted by its sheer size, but then I started reading the words (and looking at the eerie in-page arts) I got hooked and entertained by it right away. So gothic... so bizarrely beautiful! So I am really watching out for new books from this author! That's how hungry I am of her works, unfortunately there are not many becaase the releases are far in between...

Check out the official cover of Piranesi by Susanna Clarke.

Piranesi by Susanna Clarke


From the New York Times bestselling author of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, an intoxicating, hypnotic new novel set in a dreamlike alternative reality.

Piranesi's house is no ordinary building: its rooms are infinite, its corridors endless, its walls are lined with thousands upon thousands of statues, each one different from all the others. Within the labyrinth of halls an ocean is imprisoned; waves thunder up staircases, rooms are flooded in an instant. But Piranesi is not afraid; he understands the tides as he understands the pattern of the labyrinth itself. He lives to explore the house.

There is one other person in the house-a man called The Other, who visits Piranesi twice a week and asks for help with research into A Great and Secret Knowledge. But as Piranesi explores, evidence emerges of another person, and a terrible truth begins to unravel, revealing a world beyond the one Piranesi has always known.

For readers of Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane and fans of Madeline Miller's Circe, Piranesi introduces an astonishing new world, an infinite labyrinth, full of startling images and surreal beauty, haunted by the tides and the clouds.

Piranesi by Susanna Clarke will be released on September 15, 2020.