Thursday, July 12, 2012

Some Google Maps Attractions and Oddities with Their Coordinates

Google Earth

When boredom strikes, I always look in the internet for something that I haven't really tried before. The usual blog hopping and Youtubing sometimes add up to my already boring moments. I try to look for ideas that may seem interactive and viola I stumbled upon Google Maps scenery hunting and what I have discovered is really out of the ordinary.

Google Maps has been around for ages and from time to time I used it to find directions from one place to another. But this time, equipped with some coordinates provided by some online folks, I looked around for oddities over the map that might not only interest me, but my friends as well. So here's a serving of Google Maps attractions and oddities for you.

Explore Google Maps and see for your self these out-of-the-blue oddities:

Giant Bunny
Coordinates: 44 14'39.77"N 7°46'10.71"E

Coordinates: 31 59'20.53"S 152 34'18.47"E

Giant Geoglyph Man
Coordinates: 19 56'56.76"S 69 38'2.07"W

Horse #1
Coordinates: 50 39'26.33"N 2 24'14.92"W

Arrow in Peru
Coordinates: 14 32'45.28"S 75 9'35.85"W

Big Face #1
Coordinates: 33 55'37.16"N 117 34'8.58"W

Lines in Peru (Nazca)
Coordinates: 14 33'9.40"S 75 10'36.74"W

Bizarre Landscape With Ancient Ruins (Filled with holes)
Coordinates: 19 37'40.75"S 69 58'46.35"W

Horse #2
Coordinates: 54 13'29.68"N 1 12'44.46"W

More Geoglyphs in Chile
Coordinates: 19 12'13.45"S 70 0'30.41"W

Photos of Elephants in Africa
Coordinates: 10 54'12.65"N 19 55'56.05"E

Big Triangular Symbol
Coordinates: 37 37'38.69"N 116 50'48.38"W

Horse #3
Coordinates: 51 19'16.29"N 1 45'22.76"W

Coordinates: 42 4'34.14"N 2 21'21.93"W

UFO #1
Coordinates: 45 42'11.97"N 21 18'7.81"E

Big Inscriptions in Chile
Coordinates: 17 58'20.55"S 70 14'12.89"W

Smiley Face
Coordinates: 43 25'44.84"N 80 19'51.12"W

Nazi Building?
Coordinates: 32.676124, -117.157731

Abandoned Military Base?
Coordinates: 37°21'46.81"N, 116°49'35.92"W

Star of David
Coordinates: 37°19'22.70"N, 116°47'6.70"W

Car Tipped Over
Coordinates: 51°19'18.04"N 6°34'35.84"E

UFO #2
Coordinates: 52°31'17.79"N 5°43'59.40"E

Big Face #2
Coordinates: 50° 0'34.25"N 110° 6'47.01"W

Dancing Man
Coordinates: 47°53'4.39"N 107°36'53.23"E

Even without having to leave your home, only having the right gadget and the right sources, you could definitely explore the world. Earth is a huge place to explore, so I have a reason to believe there are other Google Maps attractions and oddities still that are not included in this list. Look for some other places over Google Maps and if you find one would you let me know.