Monday, July 23, 2012

The Hobbit Production Video #8 Released by Peter Jackson

The Hobbit

The principal photography has officially wrapped up for The Hobbit movies. And so while Peter Jackson and his team were busy at the Comic-Con, he still managed to give us The Hobbit Production Video #8, Last Days, 23 July 2012. Unfortunately for us guys this is the last and ultimate production video we are going to have. So try to savor every second of it and don't miss any detail. But I was glad Peter hinted that there will future video blogs... in post production!

This video tackles what The Hobbit team has prepared and seen during Comic-Con held in San Diego. And as for introduction here is what Peter Jackson has to say, "I know that not everybody gets to Comic Con, so I thought I'd bring a little bit of Comic Con to you! Here's some of what I saw in San Diego, and what those in Hall H got to see of The Hobbit."

Proceed and enjoy this more than 14 minutes of The Hobbit production video:

Honestly I got a little emotional here, aside from the fact that I am experiencing some dreadful moment in my life. But the delight brought about by this video made me smile and tear-up at the same time. It's just sad to hear the cast saying their farewell until their next return -- maybe for re-shoots. On the other hand, this is certainly the richest video so far, revealing a lot of intricate details of the sets and enthusiasm and energy of the actors, who brings to life our beloved characters.

Hop in if you are interested to watch the 7 previous videos in the series. Personally, I cannot wait for the movie any longer. Peter Jackson certainly knows what he's doing, teasing and satisfying us all at the same time. Hopefully the hype of these videos are a premonition of the actual movie we are going to see this December. Good luck to us and all the people behind The Hobbit.