Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Script Releases Hall of Fame Single Featuring

The Script

Updated: Head over to read my thoughts regarding The Script's #3 album.

There was an early Christmas celebration last June 2, 2012 -- right after The Voice Finale -- when The Script announced the details of their third and upcoming album called #3. It was further revealed that the said album is available for pre-order on Amazon UK until its release on September 10, 2012.

During these times also the members of the said band teased millions of fans by saying that a single from the album would be released sometime in July. Before hand, they were busy recording in the studio and shooting the final cover art of the album. Marketing for the upcoming release of the album is surely on the surge. Take a breath first before you continue...

Here is the official Hall of Fame music video by The Script featuring

And here's Danny having a good time in BBC Radio 1 studio, together with Greg James, as he promoted his newly released single:

Updated: And here is the official cover art of The Script's Hall of Fame single:

Participate in The Script's 3FingersUp campaign by taking a picture of yourself raising your three fingers and then upload it on twitter with the hashtag #3FingersUp. Do come back on this page to get an update on the official full version of the song together with its music video shot in Los Angeles. Here's another treat courtesy of The Sun: the band featuring

As we all know Danny O'Donoghue, The Script's front liner, and met at the set of The Voice UK. Both of them are judges for the said show. Since then they have worked together -- sometimes bickering, sometimes in league with each other -- until they have made this amazing collaborative single that is to be featrued on The Script's upcoming album #3.

Here is the announcement made by the band to tease fans around the world of the said single from their third album called #3. The announcement was made when the band was on the airport on their way to Los Angeles to shoot the video of the said single. As revealed, the song will be about following your heart and your dreams. Check it out:

And here are some pictures obtained from the bands official Facebook page:

"What a sound. If only you could hear it????
I'm playing our brand new song. Listen carefully!! Lol"
After hearing this breathtaking and faint inducing specimen of a music from The Script #3 album, my system has already decided that this is a must have. Hopefully someone will be generous enough to give me this album as a birthday present. I am not really asking for luxurious items -- this album will be just enough for me. This just ignited in me to put more effort on reaching my heart's desires as well as my dreams.