Thursday, July 19, 2012

Videos: Someone's Got a Lot of Time on Their Hands


The irony is that time seems too long if you wanted something to end already, but when you try to cherish a moment and don't want it to end time passes by like a breeze. What a kill joy! I always envy people who has a lot of time to waste and not worrying despite all that. I wanted to do a lot of things, but I seem to have a short supply of time in order to finish them.

Some of our folks over the internet seem to have a lot of time on their hands. They could make up things that will require much of their time and in the end produce something enjoyable and unique. I am not saying they have nothing important to do, but is their normal day composed of more than 24 hours? How can they cram things into their schedule? Read on to know what I mean.

Check out these videos that took painstaking effort and a lot of time to do:

Barack Obama Singing Call Me Maybe

Countdown Comparison Music Video

Lego Somebody  That I Used To Know

Wall Painted Animations

The Lion King Rises Mash-Up

Oscars 2011 Musical Mash-Up and Auto Tune

You Belong With Me Parody

Time could be a curse or a gift depending how you utilize it. For some of these people they use it as a gift, spending their time for their passion or hobbies and eventually please other people with their laborious work. Others might mock them for having nothing important to do in their lives, but for them they are important. Why would would they waste their time if they aren't so? It's just a little shift of perspective.