Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Spider-man's Lizard Look-Alike Stirs Web and Pet Buzz


The release of The Amazing Spider-Man movie has created a new fashionable buzz through a type of lizard called Mwanza Flat-Headed Rock Agama. Many are jumping into the bandwagon of this new pet craze as the lizard looks exactly a lot like the web swinger Spider-Man. Only this time the hero and the villain of the movie has merged into one likable lizard.

This is just another proof that reality is indeed stranger than fiction. Mother nature is certainly on the move to fulfill every fan boy's fantasy by creating her own version of modern pop culture. This lizard's striking red and blue coloring is an almost exact replica of the Marvel Universe's amazing Spider-Man. Has OsCorp Labs finally mutated Peter Parker into this adorable creature?

Be amazed by these striking photos of Spider-man's lizard look-alike:

Just compare it with one of Spider-Man's full body suit:

According to Telegraph, this lizards could be tamed as pets if they are handled properly. Only, they require some temperature regaulating equipment in order for them to live, since most lizards are cold blooded creatures, by the way. It can also grow into a whooping 1 foot when properly fed with its favorites like locusts, meal and wax worms, as well as crickets.

Scientifcally known as Agama mwanzae, these lizards are native to Kenya. The males which are usually brightly coloured can change to color brown during the night or when frightened. And like most lizards, it can scale vertical walls and run on their hind legs.