Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nice and Playful Animal Encounters Short Video Festival

Cute Animals

The days of late are all about furry and playful little animals, at least for me of course. My drive to watch cuddly little animal videos over Youtube was brought about by the pictures I saw of a nice piece of lizard that exactly looked like Spider-Man. My then unintentional stroll over the net for some cute animal videos has become unstoppable.

I have collected a few videos of cute and funny animals and dubbed them as entries to my Nice and Playful Animal Encounters Short Video Festival. A whim that I wanna share about, because these videos made me laugh most of the times. They are good to watch if you're a little depressed and wanted to lighten up your feelings.

Here are the entries for the Nice and Playful Animal Encounters Short Video Festival:

The Baby Lion and Baby Tiger Fight

A Shy Baby Otter, Covering Its Eyes

Dolphin Kisses a Dog

Cat Playing Fetch Like a Dog

The Laziest Ploar Bear

Baby Red Panda Playing With Light Beam

A Funny Scared Dobberman

Baby Penguin Sits on a Man's Face

Puffer Fish Chasing Laser Light

Cat Answering a Phone Call

Incredible Singing Parrot

Cute Owl Hunts Invisible Prey

Elephant Play a Harmonica

Bulldog on a Trampoline

Frustrated Ferret Loses Its Lunch

Which of these videos do you like best? For me it would be the two little felines -- the lion and the tiger -- playing around. It's always nice to see to carnivorous specie live in peace with each other -- of course until they grow old and then instinct and competition kick in. But, if properly trained they could still live harmonously just like what happened to Christian the Lion.

That was nice display of natural harmony, wasn't it? Is their a video that you really liked, but haven't found it on the list above? Share it to us!