Monday, July 2, 2012

Breaking Down Music Video by Florence and the Machine

Florence + The Machine

As I have said earlier, the Florence + The Machine's music videos are going for the bizarre, strange, and mind-boggling. But they are going the other way when they released their latest one. Yes, the said band has gone for the simple in Breaking Down music video that premiered over Noisey's Youtube channel.

Breaking Down, being a pop interpretation of paranoia and loneliness, is no where near touched in this music video featuring a montage of Florence's personal videos. Now the beauty of this video comes from its simplicity and its being personal. This is a glimpse on the life of Florence herself. Not staged, not choreographed, just the routine of living a life of the famous.

Check the Breaking Down music video here:

This music video was filmed in the US under the direction of Tabitha Denholm, who also helmed the videos for Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up), Cosmic Love, You've Got The Love and Heavy In Your Arms. Most of the scenes are taken during her recent tour in the US and was compiled as a diary-esque kind of video. I laud the band for this, becasue this is so far the purest video that we can get from them.

They bared their semi-personal lives in this one and showed us the behind the scenes in the life of Florence Welch and her band. I liked this better than the old videos they released, because they have reached out to their fans with the very soul of their existence. Not the ones we see that is purely artistic, but never the truth of how and what they really are.

As I have said, this video is so personal as if you are watching it in Florence's home, where you are lying on a couch and enjoying a chat with her. And I thank the team behind this video for making us feel that experience.


Anonymous said...

I love the way it's filmed. :)

Kernel's Corner said...

Me too. It is so outright and unplanned and the end product is still superb.