Monday, December 19, 2011

Movies are My Blend of Religion, If You Know What I Mean

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A few days from now and Christians will all be celebrating the birth of a God-Man called Jesus. I am not a Christian believer per se, but my friend John surely is. I don't expect people to pack up and own my beliefs, which is not believing on something mystique unless it could sustain my existence, but I am giving them the freedom they all deserve in choosing what ever bullshit they wanted themselves to be adorned with.

Whether you ask me or not, I will tell that I believe in movies. They are one of the most hit entertainment "in this day and age." I do believe in them because, aside from the fact that millions and millions are being spent and even gained on these art forms, they could engage the viewers into sadness, happiness, laughter, and suspense without even physically incurring the emotions conveyed by the actors.

Come 2012 and we will be once again be introduced to a lot of amazing movies:

If these movies ever get lucky, they could very well get their own cult followers just like what happened to Star Wars and Fight Club, which are great movies on their own rights.