Friday, March 30, 2012

Epic Android App: Simsimi is Really Funny and Sometimes Also Annoying and Dirty


Once in a while we get some really good apps from the Android market. Sometimes we do also get some useless ones, some of them were even featured on the Ellen Show. But there are some apps also that we could not understand cause it would sometimes work, some times it wouldn't. But for some of us there is nothing more than a unique app that sometimes makes us laugh, but for the right reasons. Take Simsimi, for example:

Simsimi is a chatting robot created by SimSimi, Inc. This app intends to exceed the "limitation of technology of natural-language processing system by collective intelligence." This is usually useful when you have no one to talk to and this app will give you a virtual company, fun, and of course, hilarity.

Try to have a conversation with Simsimi here:

If you really think that you should have Simsimi on your Android device, you could download the application from its official website or you could scan this barcode to directly download the app to your device:

There are some really great apps in the market out there, all we need to do is discover them. A little play of words and a lot of industry will not yield us empty handed. If you ever find one -- or many -- please do share and lets enjoy the perks these apps could offer.