Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Choose Your Favorite: The Hottest Hunters on TV Today

Hunting is a big pastime in America—according to the group that puts on National Hunting and Fishing Day, more than 38 million Americans hunt and fish, collectively spending 228 million days a year in the pursuit of their pastime. So it's no surprise that television is full of fictional hunters who capture the imagination. The hunter as an archetype is ingrained in the fabric of American myth and culture, and here is a look at some of the hottest hunters on television today:

Daryl Dixon

Daryl is one of the main characters of AMC's “The Walking Dead,” a survivor of the zombie apocalypse and master hunter. As an expert in tracking, navigation, and hunting, Daryl has earned the respect of his fellow survivors and has become an important member of the main group. Deadly with his Horton Scout HD 125 crossbow, Daryl is also dangerously skilled with a wide variety of firearms. Daryl grew up in the mountains of northern Georgia, where he developed the skills that have helped him to survive the end-times. If you are interested in refining your skills in the environment that honed Daryl, consider getting a hunter's license and heading to the forests of Georgia. There you can practice your tracking skills without worrying about stumbling upon the walking dead.

John Constantine

The titular character of NBC's “Constantine,” John Constantine is a working class detective, magician, con artist and monster hunter. Snarky, cynical and cunning, John is driven by the desire to do something meaningful with his life as well as the adrenaline rush that he can only find dealing with the strange and supernatural. Played in the show by Welsh actor Matt Ryan, John Constantine was originally the main character of the DC Vertigo comic series “Hellblazer” and “Constantine,” as well as the “Constantine” film from 2005.
Though a talented sorcerer, Constantine relies mostly on his quick thinking, skill at manipulation and vast web of contacts to track down supernatural threats to mankind. Though the television show is still in its infancy, having only debuted in October of this year, you can be sure to see Constantine use his skills with weaponry, thaumaturgy, sigils and even time travel to hunt the forces of darkness wherever they may hide.

Sam & Dean Winchester

The Winchesters are monster hunters in the television drama “Supernatural,” where they work together to slay every monster that stalks the shadows. Raised and taught to hunt by their father John after the death of their mother at the hands of a demon, Sam and Dean spent years searching for their father and the creature that killed their mother. Determined to continue the crusade against darkness started by their father, both brothers bring various skills to the hunt.
Dean is resourceful and skilled in the use of firearms, and Sam is intelligent and well versed in many pseudo-legal activities. Whereas Dean is the fighter of the pair, Sam is the academic. Both have also developed supernatural powers in the course of their journey, making them even more dangerous hunters of the things that go bump-in-the-night. As hunters go, Sam and Dean are a killer pair, which is lucky — their prey is the deadliest imaginable.