Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Make Your IRL Car as Fly as Your GTA Ride

Cruising around Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto 5 in your sweet ride can be a lot of fun, but it’s a bummer when your own real-life car isn’t as fly as your digital one. Wouldn’t it be awesome to pimp your real car just like you’ve done in GTA 5? You may not be able to sport a 9F Cabrio or a Carbonizzare that features a Ferrari California front and V12 Zagato rear, but you can add some bells and whistles to your own vehicle to give it some extra personality on the road.
Here are some tips and tricks to make your own car as exciting to drive as the one you use in GTA.

Rims & Tires

Rims not only look great, they can also help your car handle better on the roads. When selecting rims, think about the color scheme you’ll be carrying throughout your vehicle's interior and exterior. This can determine not only what style of rims you choose, but also whether you'll go for chrome, painted, or flat metal rims. Name brands like Brembo, Ultra, and Enkei have established their quality over the years, and provide multiple series of high performance, racing, and tuning rims.

While rims can improve the handling of your car, beyond that, they are mostly for show. High performance tires, however, can really change the way your car drives. From off road, to all season, and high performance sport, Nitto makes a variety of tires that can improve your car's performance. For a vast selection of high-performance tires, take a look at to find a set that best fits your needs.

Body Kits

Body kits can be found online, however, it’s important that the one you choose fits your specific vehicle. Body kits can be expensive and aren't universally compatible. Once you get your hands on one, take it to a cosmetics shop for installation and to verify it's the right fit.
Unless you really know your way around under the hood and work on your vehicle regularly, don't opt for the DIY installation route.


From brand decals, to custom graphics, you can either hire an artist to make a design, make your own, or pull one from your favorite video game, book, or movie. Some people opt for custom paint jobs rather than decals, but paint can also be more expensive.

A paint job may last forever, while decals typically last between five to seven years. If your tastes change, this might work out perfectly so that you aren’t stuck with the same graphic on your car for eternity.

Decals are relatively easy to install, but you can also have them installed by a professional at a sign, body, or graphics shop. Vinyl decals won’t damage your car as long as they are properly installed. If you do decide to install them yourself, set aside some time — a proper application takes three hours, on average.