Thursday, November 5, 2015

Samantha Shannon Unveils Official Title And Release Date For The Bone Season 3 #TheSongRising

Updated: Follow the link for official cover of The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon.

The third The Bone Season series book has finally been given a title and release date. After months of teasing tidbits from author Samantha Shannon's twitter account, I am finally at peace and satisfied to share these information to you.

The author had once announced that there is a pattern to her book titles: The [insert one syllable word here] [insert two syllable word here]. And following such we finally got to know the title as The Song Rising. And the best news so far is we now have a solid release date for the said book.

Check out this fan made cover I crafted for The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon. #FanMade

The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon


On the eve of a new decade, after two hundred years of Scion rule, a revolution is beginning. Its unlikely cradle is the clairvoyant underworld in London, and even an old ally’s betrayal cannot stop it.

But an enemy from Paige Mahoney’s past is about to return – an enemy that could quench the flame of hope for good . . .

The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon will hit bookstores on November 3, 2016.