Tuesday, January 22, 2019

#CoverReveal: Sun Eater Book 2: 'Howling Dark' (Gollancz, UK Edition) By Christopher Ruocchio

Last year (2018), author Christopher Ruocchio had a blast of a debut with the first book in his Sun Eater series called Empire of Silence. He made it clear that he'd be a new voice to watch out for. And come a few months from now he will be releasing the sequel called Howling Dark, which would either establish his name in the epic SFF genre or... I cannot imagine the alternative if there's really one.

The official cover of the UK edition of Howling Dark has been unveiled (but I am still waiting for the US edition to match my first book). It is such one colorful and gorgeous cover that definitely exceeded the somber aura of the UK edition cover of its predecessor. This cover was designed by Patrick Knowles, giving life to Hadrian Marlowe (the main character of the novel).

Check out the cover of Howling Dark (UK Edition) by Christopher Ruocchio.

Howling Dark (UK Edition) by Christopher Ruocchio


The second novel of the galaxy-spanning Sun Eater series merges the best of space opera and epic fantasy, as Hadrian Marlowe continues down a path that can only end in fire.

Hadrian Marlowe is lost.

For half a century, he has searched the farther suns for the lost planet of Vorgossos, hoping to find a way to contact the elusive alien Cielcin. He has not succeeded, and for years has wandered among the barbarian Normans as captain of a band of mercenaries.

Determined to make peace and bring an end to nearly four hundred years of war, Hadrian must venture beyond the security of the Sollan Empire and among the Extrasolarians who dwell between the stars. There, he will face not only the aliens he has come to offer peace, but contend with creatures that once were human, with traitors in his midst, and with a meeting that will bring him face to face with no less than the oldest enemy of mankind.

If he succeeds, he will usher in a peace unlike any in recorded history. If he fails...the galaxy will burn.

Howling Dark (UK Edition) by Christopher Ruocchio will be released on July 2, 2019.