Thursday, October 1, 2020

'Call Of The Bone Ships' By RJ Barker Gets Fabulous Official Cover

I am a stickler for hardcover editions! But sometimes this creates a blackhole of anguish on me, because there are especially very good books that are only sold in paperback. Thankfully I discovered Anderida Books, which sells limited run of hardcover and signed editions of some of these so coveted titles (i.e. ones published by Orbit). And so my life completely changed for the better.

One of the books that I so desired then was The Bone Ships by RJ Barker (along with his The Wounded Kingdom trilogy). And I am so happy to announce that I was never disappointed. The Bone Ships is the first book in The Tide Child trilogy, which will then be followed up by Call of the Bone Ships. Come the end of this year this sequel will be avialable for purchase, but I assume I may have to wait a little longer for the hardcover edition, if there is indeed one. I am not complaining though... For now let us revel in this wonderful cover desgined by Hannah Wood.

Check out the cover of Call of the Bone Ships by RJ Barker.

Call of the Bone Ships by RJ Barker


A brilliantly imagined saga of honour, glory and warfare, Call of the Bone Ships is the captivating epic fantasy sequel to RJ Barker's The Bone Ships.

Dragons have returned to the Hundred Isles. But their return heralds only war and destruction. When a horde of dying slaves are discovered in the bowels of a ship, Shipwife Meas and the crew of the Tide Child find themselves drawn into a vicious plot that will leave them questioning their loyalties and fighting for their lives.

Call of the Bone Ships by RJ Barker will be released on November 26, 2020.