Saturday, November 28, 2020

The Legacy Trilogy Book 3: 'Legacy Of Light' By Matthew Ward Gets Official Cover

Orbit has always been consistent with making beautiful covers. The said publisher keep its track record by making the design consistent without having to go through a redesign halfway through a series. I loved Orbit because of that and it is one of the reasons why I have to go through a lot of expense just to buy special hardcover editions of the books it only prints in paperback for mass consumers.

One of the many lucky series they published that have beautiful covers was The Legacy Trilogy by Matthew Ward. Its first book is Legacy of Ash which started the series strong, then continued with Legacy of Steel. Come next year we will be having its finale with Legacy of Light and said book's cover has just been unveiled which you can see below. I only got a low resolution version of it, but I'll update once we have a clearer and higher resolution.

Updated: We finally get a cover with higher resolution courtesy of Fantasy Hive.

Check out the official cover of Legacy of Light by Matthew Ward.

Legacy of Light by Matthew Ward


Warfare, myth and magic collide in Legacy of Light, the spectacular conclusion to Matthew Ward's acclaimed Legacy trilogy.

For the first time in many years, the Tressian Republic and the Hadari Empire are at peace. But war never sleeps.

In Tregard, Empress Melanna Saranal struggles to protect a throne won at great cost.

In Tressia, Lord Protector Viktor Droshna seeks to harness forbidden power to restore all he's lost.

As the sins of the past are once more laid bare, every road leads to war. Darkness gathers, alliances shatter and one final battle looms. What hope remains, lies within the light.

Legacy of Light by Matthew Ward will be released on August 19, 2021.