Tuesday, January 5, 2021

#FanMade Cover Of 'Ready Player Zero' By Ernest Cline (A Prequel To 'Ready Player One' And 'Ready Player Two')

I just finished reading Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline. Whilst it was totally fun, some plot points and writing devices used in the story were illogical to the progress of the plot. This is the very reason why I gave it a low score in Goodreads. You're asking me to give a solid example? Here it is: Just imagine that failure to accomplish a set of tasks in a very limited time means death and destruction of the known world, would you keep the details of some tasks to your self and not share it with the persons helping you out to solve a riddle for the sake of suspense and thrill of the readers? I bet you would say no, but this is the very device the author used to keep the readers on the edge of their sits. It might make the story thrilling but it is a totally imprudent decision for the character(s) to do. Yeah, it is a first person perspective story so I forgave it for the unreliability of the narrator.

Jaded as I may I still scoured for some information if there will be a new book after the one I just recently finished. And I found out that instead of the sequel (presumably titled Ready Player Three), we will be getting a prequel called Ready Player Zero instead. It will be for some time though. At least I will still have enough time to vent off my frustrations and totally forget about those foolish things, so I could read the prequel then in a fresh mind.

Here is what exactly author Ernest Cline has to say about the matter on one of his interviews: "It's a coming of age story. It won't be called Ready Player Three it'll be more like Ready Player Zero. I do plan to take a break, but someday I'll write that book too, which is more based on my own childhood – growing up, playing Dungeons and Dragons and video games as a kid. It's like Stand By Me. It's a huge part of my childhood being immersed in all the escapism so that I could write Ready Player One."

Check out the fan-made cover I created for Ready Player Zero by Ernest Cline. 

Ready Player Zero by Ernest Cline (Fan Made)

What do you think? Are we ready for a Ready Player One prequel or do we even need it at this point?