Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Being Vaccinated In Times Of Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 Vaccine
I am now fully vaccinated against COVID-19. In this time of uncertainties at least one of the items that keeps on bugging my thoughts is ticked off from my list. Mental health is such a serious matter in this day and age, and we must grab any little hope we see on the horizon. 

Yes the virus does not only bring physical health issues, but mental health issues as well. Being on lock down for more than a year now most of us are desperate to be outside and be with nature again. So the only immediate action we can do, since I believe this pandemic is not gonna end as soon as we would like it, is to be vaccinated.

I know some anti-vaxxers would raise their eye-brows on this but this is the only way we can protect our selves and the ones we love in this trying times. The vaccines may be approved for emergency use only but the benefits out-weigh the risks...