Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Whether You Like It Or Not You'll be Alone From Time to Time

Enjoying a Solo Time

In a world where conformity is a tsunami big deal and "to belong" means to put up some great effort in order to be accepted, there is no wonder why the number of loners and introverts is growing in a dramatic scale. Even contemporary way of thinking promotes that, now, everything has a Price Tag.

Being a skeptic and all, I believe that "being yourself" is not enough anymore to attract friends and companions. That's why I always think that people, like my friend John the Know-It-All, who think that being true to your self attracts companies are a hypocrite. It's not applicable anymore. It's like the world has repeated its own history and went back to a period where cavemen wanted to be alone, monks wanted to savor their "aloneness," and prehistroic man hid on their own to save their lives against prehistoric beasts.

So until you decide to become a loner, ponder on these activities that will surely make your being alone worth it:

Reading a Book
Do you think group reading really works, think again. Even if you are reading alone you sometimes cannot concentrate, how much more when there are a dozen more distractions.

Creative Writing
Writing can bring dramatic changes to the world, take JK Rowling for example. Writing alone can be more effective than writing with a whole bunch of collaborators. With collaborators,
that's when conflicts usually occur.
Listening to Music
Who would never agree that listening to music alone is more fun than listening with a bunch of noisy friends. I, for one wanted to be alone if I wanted to savor the music from beginning to end.
Surfing the Net
I mean, who would ever want that someone's watching behind them when their surfing the net. Especially when one is searching for topic that needs even a little privacy like checking your bank accounts and PayPal, updating your Facebook, and other things you wouldn't do when your mother is around.
There are other activities that will most especially be effective if you do them alone. But for an average person who wants some alone time these are usually the most common things to do. I hope John will see my point and eventually realize that it's better this way.

I love being alone. Enough said!