Thursday, January 12, 2012

About A Startling New Find and the Urgent Need to Share It

Magnifying Glass

Ross, or John, or whatever you might want to call him was very thankful of Mayad Studios after he watched one of the video trailers that the studio offered and gave him a starling new elated feeling. On one of its videos the studio featured a song that rattled John's insides and innards. It went along with a lyric of "I am waiting for you to change my name...", and it was strange since it's usually the girl that changes name and not the guy (who performed the song), whenever they get married. Queerer and queerer indeed.

So using the power of the net, he searched and searched for the title of the song so that eventually he may discover the artist and obviously download all of its albums. And lo, he dug out this strangely beautiful song:

And after listening to the song's entirety, I can't undserstand why once again he was sold. He itched to find all of their album and he found one studio album, one demo album and finally one extended play. He shared with me that it was a bliss, a bliss I couldn't relate with. I pity him since he easily gets attached to things or people he haven't even known for a long time. It's sad, but its the truth. Maybe, that is mainly the reason why he wouldn't want to mingle with others and eventually attach himself to anyone, because he will find it very hard to detach with the same person.

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness,
Image courtesy of Tiffatookie The Critic
On the other, John was also busy reading a book series called Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver. He has read the books once, but he wanted to read them again because, according to him, it has a great and unique story set on the ancient times and it was an easy book to read. He urged me to read it, but I wouldn't even dare touch them. Duh!

Sigh, sometimes I wondered why I have ever become friends with John because we can't even relate with each other.