Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Battle of the Many Voices and the Quest to be Known Over the Internet

Voices, courtesy of Daniel Johnson

Internet has become a means for everyone to express their selves. Some take the liberty to use it to showcase their talents.

Others try to abate their angst by shouting out whatever they felt inside and hope that the cyber buzzers would take notice. There are others still that hide their identity and make anonymous acts of incredulity, stupidity, shamelessness, but we never forget to mention also charity, generosity and appreciation.

Lately, John had been sick physically, mentally and emotionally. He wasn't able to focus his mind on the goals he hoped to accomplish. But instead of expressing himself and share to the world how he felt, he preferred to watch others express and showcase their talents, appreciate other's success and ogle over what's to come for the next few months.

Here are just some of the things that he kept his mind busy with in order to avoid insanity, instability and jealousy:

Aren't they all nice and inspiring? No, of course not. Since I have a twisted mind, I couldn't really appreciate what John is trying to appreciate.