Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lovely Bo Bruce To Release 'Before I Sleep' Debut Studio Album On April 29, 2013

Bo Bruce, The Voice UK

Bo Bruce, the lovely runner-up from the premiere season of The Voice UK and my all-time favorite on the show, revealed the details of her upcoming debut album entitled Before I Sleep. The album, which will be available in music stores on April 29, will be released under Mercury Records.

The very first time I heard her sing in The Voice, I immediately fell in love with her. Her ethereal voice always gives me a good feeling every time I listen to her songs, that is why I am so excited that she's gonna have her first album. We have already experienced how good her sound and song writing was when she released The Fall, which will be included also in the album, late last year.

Here's the equally ethereal cover and track listing of Before I Sleep by Bo Bruce:

Track listing:

1. Landslide
2. Save Me
3. Alive
4. Speed the Fire
5. Telescope
6. Ghost Town
7. On the Wire
8. Holding the Light
9. Lightkeeper
10. The Fall
11. The Hands I Hold
12. Echoes
13. Golden
14. How We're Made
Bo shared to us her thoughts on the process of making this album:

“The process of making this album has been extraordinary. It’s also been the hardest and most testing time of my life. But I’ve made an album I’m incredibly proud of and I can’t wait for people to hear it. For the moment, that’s enough.”

Listen to The Fall by Bo Bruce to get the feel of the whole album:

You can pre-order the album over at Universal Music in both standard and signed editions.