Tuesday, October 16, 2018

'Max Tilt: Enter The Core' By Peter Lerangis Gets Official Cover, Synopsis, And Release Date

I am always fascinated of the stories written by Peter Lerangis. Lately his young adult adventure novels combining contemporary setting with ancient histories are a personal favorite. Think of the seven wonders of the ancient world plus the quest to save the world from evil forces. Or think about Jules Verne-esque high-stake stories.

Max Tilt certainly delivers on the latter and it is quite a sad affair that this series is finally coming to an end with Max Tilt: Enter the Core. This closing chapter to an epic adventure, which will be released early next year, gets an official cover that you'll certainly love -- that is if you are into dinosaurs.

Check out the cover of Max Tilt: Enter the Core by Peter Lerangis.

Max Tilt: Enter the Core by Peter Lerangis


The New York Times bestselling author of the Seven Wonders series and of books in the 39 Clues series, Peter Lerangis, brings us the final installment of the thrilling Max Tilt trilogy.

Max Tilt thinks his luck is finally changing, thanks to his great-great-great-grandfather Jules Verne’s unfinished, unpublished manuscript, The Lost Treasures. Using the clues Verne left behind, Max and his cousin Alex were able to bottle the magical healing elements needed to cure his mother’s illness just in the nick of time.

But then Max and Alex discover that the vials were stolen by their former friend, Bitsy. She has plans to use them to save the world—but her plans might be much more deadly than they seem. And so now it’s up to Max and Alex to stop her before it’s too late.

Working against the odds, the two kids glean clues from one of Verne’s best-loved books, Journey to the Center of the Earth. In it, they discover a map to their most dangerous destination yet—the very core of the world. And so now the two cousins are off on their most unlikely, most important quest yet—literally to save the world!

It’s the final installment of the riveting adventure series from master storyteller and New York Times bestselling author Peter Lerangis.

Max Tilt: Enter the Core by Peter Lerangis will be released on February 19, 2019.