Saturday, March 30, 2019

Deathless Book 2: 'The Ruthless' By Peter Newman Official Cover Surfaced

The second book in the second series by Peter Newman is upon us. In a few weeks we will know if the much awaited book called The Ruthless from this breakout author of The Vagrant maintains the excitement and pace of its predecessor or it'd suffer the sophomore slump pitfall.

One thing is for sure, the official cover of The Ruthless has surfaced online. The book is going for a darker theme literally and figuratively. The art, which is actually an interesting sight on its own is predominantly dark in color. It is going dark in a figurative sense however because the branding, tone and everything about it has changed (my OCD is killing me). It's as if this one is totally distancing itself from the covers, look, and feel of the first four books by the author.

This is just mere speculation but it would seem there are a new artist and designer abound...? Were artist Jaime Jones and designer Dominic Forbes still on board in the creation of this entirely new cover? Is this the final version? I hope anyone can confirm this for me. It greatly reminds me of the cover shift and transition between HarperVoyager and Eos on one of Robin Hobb's series....

On the brighter side, at least I can tell myself that what's between the covers of this book would still possess the growing Peter Newman voice and style that we all so loved!

Update: I guess the design team of the publisher is going to be consistent with the redesigned paperback of the first book in the series. Damn! I just hope they wouldn't change the books height and width. I really hate this.

Check out the cover of The Ruthless by Peter Newman.

The Ruthless by Peter Newman


Are you ready to return to The Wild?

Return to a world of crystal armour, savage wilderness, and corrupt dynasties in book two of the new series from Gemmell award-winning author Peter Newman.

The Ruthless by Peter Newmann will be released on June 13, 2019.