Friday, September 30, 2022

Official Cover Of The Kithamar Book 2: 'Blade Of Dream' By Daniel Abraham Revealed

Orbit has been known to release covers of books that aren't even substantially written yet (or at least I presumed). Take The Thorn of Emberlain by Scott Lynch, for example. The cover was enthusiatically revealed way back in 2015 -- not to mention a publication date was set a year after -- but nearly a decade after the book hasn't come to light... which is understandable because the issues encountered by the author Lynch are understandable. Please take your time, Mr. Scott Lynch.

Even the duo James S. A. Corey (in which author Daniel Abraham is half a part of) shared some anecdotal tale to this same effect. I am not sure however if this was accurate or not. It was shared (maybe jokingly) that the covers of the Expanse books had been created ahead of the writing so the marketing and promotion of the book can kickstart, and the authors would have to find a way to incorporate the likely event illustrated in the cover art to the final written story. Is this true, though?

I hope we have don't have the same scenario for Daniel Abraham's Kithamar books. But it seems not the case as the second book of the said trilogy has been surprisingly announced with a title and beautiful book cover sans the synopsis and the day-specific release date.

Check out the official cover of Blade of Dream by Daniel Abraham.

Blade of Dream by Daniel Abraham

On this new Blade of Dream book cover, we can thank Lauren Panepinto for the cover design and Daniel Dociu for the cover art or illustration.

Blade of Dream by Daniel Abraham will be released in July 2023.