Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Extended Life for Your Tablet: Tips and Tools for Protecting your Battery

Battery Drain
The battery is one of the largest parts of most tablets, making it possible to use these devices all day long without a recharge. Even the new iPad Mini can run up to ten hours, thanks to the generous size of its battery. However, too many apps or battery-draining practices can wear down the battery, making the untimely death of your tablet a strong possibility. To maximize your tablet's battery so that you can use it when you want, check out these tips and tools:

Avoid Excessive Heat

According to Apple, heat is one of the biggest threats to your tablet's battery life. Keep your tablet out of direct sunlight, and remove it from your car in the summer time. The intense heat makes the tablet's processor work harder which in turn drains the battery. However, it is important to note that since the device is not equipped with a fan, it has to shut down if it overheats. Thus, if you overheat your iPad, you won't be able to use it whether the battery is full or not.

Optimize Your Settings for Battery Protection

Simple settings can play a huge role in how much battery your device is using. The following necessary adjustments will all lengthen battery life:

1. Turn down the screen's brightness.

2. Turn on airplane mode in "no coverage" areas. If your tablet is constantly trying to connect to nearby WiFi or data networks, it creates an unnecessary wear on the battery.

3. Set up your tablet to automatically lock after a short period of inactivity. This strategy prevents it from staying active when it is not in use.

4. Disable push notifications. Keep the push notifications that are important to you like your Facebook messenger notifications, but remove the ones that are superfluous. For example, you don't really need to know every time Talking Tom is hungry.

5. Disable applications that use location services. You can do this app by app, or you can go to settings, select privacy, select location, and disable location services from there.

Battery Manager Pro

This behind-the-scenes app boasts that it can boost your battery by at least five percent. It starts by getting your tablet into supercharge mode. When the tablet says that the battery is 100 percent charged, this app continues to encourage the battery to soak up even more power. As you use the tablet, this app will shut down unnecessary apps and functions.

When the battery is waning but you still need to use the tablet, you can turn to Battery Manager Pro for advice on which tasks the phone can handle. For instance, if you want to talk or listen to music, this app can let you know exactly how long you can spend doing those activities before the battery wears out.

Complete a Monthly Charge Cycle

According to Information Week, you should complete a full battery cycle at least once per month. Doing this will help your battery stand the test of time. To start the cycle, turn the tablet off and put it on the charger. Turning it off is critical if you want to avoid having the apps drain the battery as it charges. Once the battery is completely charged, use the tablet as normal, but run the battery down to its very last bit of juice before charging it again. Taking it from fully charged to totally dead and back again will invigorate it.