Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bantam Unleashes Final Cover Of The World Of Ice And Fire By George R. R. Martin

Previously, we've seen what might have been the cover of The World of Ice and Fire. But recent update has unveiled a new cover for the same book by George R. R. Martin, albeit the final one. Sporting an almost similar hue than the previous one, the cover features the sigil or insignia of House Targaryen.

I think I am loving this professional looking cover because it quite matches the cover of the American version of the original series. The title and subtitle have been finalized as well and I hope Amazon will update their listing soon, as the price have spiked...

Here is the new cover of The World Of Ice & Fire: The Official History of Westeros and The World of A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin.

 The World Of Ice And Fire By George R. R. Martin

Which of the covers do you think is better. Voice out your thoughts in the covers below.


Dr_Do_Right said...

idk why the emphasis on house targaryen tho sure they were the most influential but I mean I always felt in the world of ice & fire none of the noble houses were greater than the other