Friday, December 14, 2012

I Knew You Were Trouble Music Video Lifts Taylor Swift From The Dark Side

Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble Music Video

Taylor Swift has been getting more and more artistic and revealing with her crafts lately. Even her I Knew You Were Trouble music video is not an exception. Not only is she making her love life known through her songs, but she's making sure that everyone recognizes who she's referring to in every song with the help of the accompanying music videos.

I Knew You Were Trouble is definitely describing one of her dark relationships, but I am not gonna share with whom. The song is a story of a great realization and somehow an immeasurable regret, but despite all these Taylor seemed not able to go away from it.

Watch I Knew You Were Trouble music video and guess who is the famous star referred to in the song:

The music video premiered over MTV Video Premieres. After a few hours of it's release it already gained a lot of viewership, proving Taylor Swift's still strong pull to her fans, which I was once a part of, then had a little cool off and then together again after Red proved to be so good and irresistible. I am not sure if Taylor would take me back after she shouted at me with We Are Never Ever Going Back Together, but I must keep on trying... just kidding.

The music video was directed by Anthony Mandler, director of many of today's music videos like Diamonds by Rihanna, Starships by Nicki Minaj and a lot more. It was filmed in Los Angeles, California way back in November and features Reeve Carney as Taylor's love interest.