Saturday, December 1, 2012

5 New Movie Clips From Les Misérables Set Movie Musicals To A New Direction

Les Misérables

I was once a part of a lip synch group in our school and it was our business to look for musical movies to be interpreted during every Literary and Musical competitions. All the movies we've done, such as Chicago and Phantom of the Opera, have one thing in common. The songs featured in the movies were all pre-recorded and each actor's acting and performances revolve around those recordings.

All these were changed with the upcoming movie musical Les Misérables. A new direction and standard in musical movie-making may have been set after all the songs in the movie were sung live with an accompaniment. This method simply puts the actors with no limit unlike with the prerecorded ones. After finally seeing the results of this technique through these 5 new movie clips from the said movie, I am sure every skeptic would become a believer.

Would you even think that these actors were singing live when they shot each and every scene?

I am excited to watch this movie in cinemas. It will be released on December 25, 2012, but due to a local film fest called Metro Manila Film Festival, all foreign movies will surely be delayed and rescheduled for next year. I just hope I can stand the long wait before I give up and find some alternative ways to watch it.