Monday, December 10, 2012

Lifehouse To Release Almeria Tomorrow (It's Been A While Since I Last Heard Of The Band)


I've been obsessing my self with Lifehouse's live performance of Storm lately. It was not because of the recent typhoon that ravaged some parts of the Philippines. Nor was it because of the stormy emotions I feel inside despite the Yuletide season.

The madness was simply explained by the excitement I felt because of the upcoming album by the said band. Lifehouse will be releasing their sixth studio album titled Almeria on December 11, 2012 and I wanted to relive my days of old by listening to one of my favorite Lifehouse songs.

Once again, the band is aiming for a simple approach, which works quite perfectly well for me:

The standard edition of the album is composed of 10 tracks with an addition of four more for the deluxe cut.

1. Gotta Be Tonight
2. Between the Raindrops (feat. Natasha Bedingfield)
3. Nobody Listen
4. Moveonday
5. Slow Motion
6. Only You're the One
7. Where I Come From
8. Right Back Home (feat. Peter Frampton and Charles Jones)
9. Barricade
10. Aftermath

Additional tracks for the Deluxe edition:

11. Lady Day
12. Pins & Needles
13. Rolling Off the Stone
14. Always Somewhere Close

And to tease you even more, here is the very first single lifted from the album released a few months ago. Be ready to be inspired and hypnotized by Between the Raindrops featuring Natasha Bedingfield:

Almeria is currently available for pre-order on iTunes until it's official release on December 11, 2012.