Thursday, January 3, 2013

5 Reasons You Should Be Watching 'Doctor Who' Right Now!

Attention Action Movie Junkies, Doctor Who

If you haven't seen "Doctor Who" yet, please stop everything (unless you're driving, in which case you should not be reading this) and go find a way to watch it. It's, arguably, the most compelling and watchable show on television. It's a British show and airs on BBC America. It's, at least in the US, a bit of a cult hit right now, so we'll forgive you of your ignorance— if you give it a try.

If you're already a fan of the show, feel free to read and distribute this to your non-fan friends and go back to playing games at or reading a book until you can watch the Xmas special with new TARDIS interior and theme.

Start watching "Doctor Who" with the ninth doctor (played by Christopher Eccleston). This is commonly referred to as "Series One" (that's UK-speak for the first season) of the reboot, which started airing in 2005. It really is a wonderful show, and we've got facts to back that up!

FACT 1: Longest Running Sci-Fi TV Show in the World.

Television shows don't get to stay on the air unless people are watching them. "Doctor Who" has been on the air longer than any other show of its kind. Ergo, people are watching it. Therefore, people are enjoying it. Logically, then, if that many people are enjoying it, you should give it a try.

FACT 2: You Won't Run Out of Episodes to Watch 

Have you ever fallen in love with a show that only lasted a season or two? Remember how heartbroken you were when you found out you wouldn't find out what happened to your beloved characters? Well, with Doctor, you'll have several fantastic full seasons to enjoy. If you run out of content to watch, you can go back to the early episodes— starting in the '60s.

FACT 3: It's Easy to Jump Right In

As we said earlier, we do recommend jumping in with the 2005 episodes for best results. That being said, however, each episode is a stand-alone story. You don't need an advanced degree in "Who-namics" to understand and enjoy an episode.

*Okay, in some cases a story is a multi-episode arc, but only a few episodes. You'll be fine.

FACT 4: Long-Term Story Lines

This might sound contradictory, given what we just said. Rest assured, it isn't. While you can enjoy any episode "off the boat" as it were, you'll be richly rewarded for long-term watching. Companions, heroes, villains, places and other storylines are finely woven throughout the show. Captain Jack Harkness is a great example. The character was spun-off to the series "Torchwood," but appears on "Doctor Who" from time to time. When he appears in the final episode of season 3, a single off-hand line totally changes the lives of long-time viewers. (No spoiler alerts here, just start watching!)

FACT 5: Anything Could Happen

When the main character is an approximately 900-year-old Time Lord with a ship that can take him anywhere in time or space, anything can happen. Viewers never know where the show will next be set, which historical character they might meet or what new future might be imagined. The very idea of the show provides huge flexibility for the writers and actors. It's perpetually fresh and creative— and interesting. We'll let the eleventh doctor, the lovely Matt Smith tell you about it himself.

So, that's it for now. Why do you watch? We'd love to hear in the comments!