Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Web Content Manager IBM Certification Exams

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Developers and web managers who require formal credentials to validate their Web Content skill set will find IBM offers two certification exams for achieving their goals. Each of the available exams confers an IBM certification upon successful completion. Available exams include the LOT-913, which is the Developing Websites using IBM Lotus Web Content Manager 7.0, and the LOT-928 exam, which is entitled the Developing Websites Using IBM Web Content Manager 8.0.

The LOT-915 exam targets developers working in the 7.0 environment, while the LOT-928 exam measures developers’ skills in the 8.0 environment. Not all businesses use the most recent version of Web Content Manager; therefore, the 7.0 exam is still a worthy achievement that can advance your skill set. And of course, with the 8.0 exam, you’ll be earning a certification in the most up to date Web Content Manager functionality.

Both exams are intended for intermediate level developers, experienced with HTML and website development and maintenance. Additionally, the ideal candidate f will have a working knowledge of the security best practices and workflows in the Web Content Manager environment in which they will be testing.

Achieving a valid credential after taking either the LOT-915 or LOT-928 exam means achieving a passing score on the test and you’ll need to not only gain hands-on experience in Web Content Manager but also master the materials that will be covered on the test. Using a good certification prep resource like can be an excellent preparation method for successfully passing your exam.