Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Maintaing The Good Spirit, Positive Attitude, Self Control And The Fight Against Depression

The Human Mind

This is a story about the battle against lack of self control. There’s no stopping it. The battle is at an end, and no one can stop the inevitable. The winner is not always definte. At times you will rise up agaisnt the challenge, but there are also moments when the first sign of test and you already give in.

I have won a few battles, but alas the victory for the war is not certain. I may have won today but what about tomorrow. Is there an assurance that I could maintain my good spirits. The answer is also at hand. There is. Just like the fact that God is there to help... also my F&F: family and friends.

It is only in the mental state of our being that we experience depression. It broods and croons until it affects our physical well-being. The mind is a powerful tool that it could overpower our body. That is why when you think you are depressed your body will become depressed, virtually.

It is a wonder why is it easy to fall into depression but hard to get out of it. Maybe it's simply the nature of man to consider that negative things weigh more than the positive ones. Because if it is not so, why would they create means of making things positive. It is just my speculation, as I am quite a pessimistic person myself.

But things had a twist when I discovered the Power of Attraction, described in the book I can't really remember. It is said that what you think makes your destiny. But it follows certain criteria. Its criteria eliminates negations.

For example:

I will not be bored MEANS I will be bored, eliminating the not , which is a negation.

I am beautiful MEANS I am beautiful, (as it is) because there is no negation present.

I will not be happy MEANS I will be happy.

I will be lonely MEANS I will be lonely.

See the power of attraction. For me it implies the principle of mental suggestion, only eliminating negations. What your mind suggests will happen to you because its what your mind focuses about and makes you conscious of that thought. So whatever you will think first, think of the Power of Attraction.

Note: This was an old article and today was the anniversary of its writing 5 years ago.