Thursday, January 16, 2014

Devil Baby: A Fantastic And Somehow Funny Devil's Due Movie Viral Video

Do not give way to temptation, you must always be on guard because the devil does not sleep, waiting day and night for the next victim that would show weakness and make a deal with him – this is a rough sense of another horror film, coming out in cinemas in late January.

Devil's Due

The plot of the “Devil’s Due” revolves around a young woman who is pregnant by the devil himself. The main heroine of the film is a simple girl who managed to plunge into trouble. She is young, beautiful and sexy, but all this can not help her in this situation. The heroine is torn from side to side in search of a way out, but she can not find it. Driven to despair, the girl falls to her knees and cries for help of higher powers. She sends her prayers to the heavens, but the Almighty and his angels do not respond to her call. Only devil is pleased to offer its services to the unfortunate girl. He offers to solve all her problems. The heroine sees no other choice and agrees with the host of hell. She gives him a promise that at the right time will give him what he demands. Satan disappears instantly and the girl's life is getting better. Naturally, over time she forgets her rash promise. But years later the Devil reminds about the deal and heroine has to give him her only child.

In anticipation of the premiere, the filmmakers also decided to make the kind of promo performance in support of the movie, subsequently releasing a Devil’s Due trailer. One of them became a real video hit on the Internet. The makers thought up a real city trick aiming to scare the New Yorkers and thus promote the film. The joke turned to be rather terrifying – the filmmakers decided to make a remote-controlled carriage with a devil baby doll inside. When approached, the baby sits up and begins to yell demonically and vomit. Passers-by first hear a cry from a lonely carriage, while getting closer and trying to see the baby they get a real shock and fright.

Devil’s Due, as well as its genius promo trailer, can be recommended to all lovers of mysticism and good horror movie. The film is another modern transcription of the "Rosemary's Baby" novel from directors Matt Bettinelli and Tyler Gillette. Having embodied ancient archetype in the realities of modern life, the movie script shows all the fears people face when meeting with the unknown.