Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We Should Hold On With Colbie Caillat Serenading The Moon In Newest Music Video

Just recently I've been overdosing my self with Christina Perri's heart-wrenching ballads, especially now that she'll be releasing her second album, which to tell you the truth I've been waiting for ages. Despite how beautiful they were, maybe I need something different to saturate my self and not to allow my self to fall into the deep chasm of depression.

Thank Colbie Caillat for that because her new Hold On music video just snapped me out of the reverie. This easy to listen song certainly lightened the tightening grip building inside my hollow chest. Melodramatic aside, here is a nice song to keep you going...

Watch the new music video of Hold On by Colbie Caillat.

Hold On by Colbie Caillat will be included in her upcoming and yet to be titled fifth studio album. Caillat has co-written the song with Ryan Tedder, who also produced the song and who happened to previously collaborate with the singer on the equally beautiful song, Brighter Than the Sun.