Thursday, January 30, 2014

Justin Bieber Not Confident in New Music Video Featuring Chance The Rapper

Soon-to-leave-the-industry Justin Bieber has just proven us why he is retiring, anyway. In his latest music video stint for his song, Confident, featuring Chance The Rapper, the singer showcased a very tired performance that feels like routine and noting is exactly new. And he's grown mature facially, if you ask me. And what was that store & Takis interlude?

I am expecting more from him, because every artist are going for the Swan Song performance... while on his case he's going to the opposite direction. We've seen this and that before, it has already been done were just some of the thoughts that came to mind... but never let this premature judgment stop you from watching the video. You can definitely decide for your self.

Watch the new music video of Confident by Justin Bieber, featuring Chance The Rapper.

As you may remember Confident was the final song in the 10-song Music Mondays campaign by the artist and it was first released last December 9, 2013. When the songs where compiled as one, together with a few additional songs, then it became his second compilation album called Journals, short for Complete My Journals.

Confident is the tenth track of the said album and its music video was shot last December 2013 with Colin Tilley taking the directorial seat.