Thursday, February 20, 2014

Katy Perry An Egyptian Queen In Dark Horse Music Video Featuring Juicy J

If the Roar music video by Katy Perry was such a nice thing to watch, you might be disappointed with the latest Dark Horse music video of the same singer. The usual ingredient of a Katy Perry video that makes it very good are there -- flair, colors, and fantasy -- but it seems to luck something that I so expect from one of the best songs from her Prism album.

And Come to think of it, you'll know what was missing: depth. The video might have all the grandeur of visual satisfaction, but the depth and the soul of it are amiss. I can't take Katy Perry seriously this time, because she ain't serious in the first place. The Egyptian setting might have been good, but the execution and the utilization of the theme are so-so.

Watch the new music video of Dark Horse by Katy Perry, featuring Juicy J.

I need to experience the emotional depth that I once had with Wide Awake and Unconditionally. Is our pop goddess slowly slacking down? I hope not.

Being the third single of Katy Perry's Prism album, Dark Horse was released way back in December of last year. But then it first came out last September 17, 2013 as a promotional single so there is no surprise for its individual come back this time around. It was the sixth track of the said studio album and was written by Katy Perry, Jordan Houston, Gottwald Sarah, Theresa Hudson, Max Martin and Henry Walter.

Katy Pätra, the videos protagonist, first appeared a few days before video made it official premiere when a teaser show-up online.