Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Movie Bloggers Present: The Monuments Men (2014)

George Clooney (and his frequent scenario writer Grant Heslov) excellent guides not only in the sorts of coffee, but in different projects - while silly blockbusters and TV serials are long gone, so now George can work exclusively for his own prestige or bank account. Perhaps he will be able to catch these two birds at the same time with the help of "The Monuments Men" project!

The Monuments Men

The film shows the time period during the Second World War. The famous leader Adolf Hitler always had a weakness for ancient relics and artifacts. What he did not get, he destroyed. The German army made ​​its way through the explosions and destruction, destroying the whole layers of culture. George Stout, the main character, wanted to preserve the cultural heritage for future generations, so he has assembled a team of seven people. Among them were not soldiers capable to repel the Nazis, and the people of most peaceful occupations - architects, museum curators and historians. They were completely unprepared for the performance on the battlefield, but they wanted to keep the unique works of painting, sculpture and architecture. The team not only defended the masterpieces from the Nazi army, but the soldiers of the country also. George Stout and his recruits tried to explain to the soldiers what should be left intact. Peaceful people of cultural professions, who have never even seen the weapons, had to undergo a crash course to prepare for military action. They are very uncomfortable feeling in uniform, but their service helps to overcome the rigors of all military life. For a short time they were able to save from Hitler's many works of high art stockpiled in a secret place. But the Nazis managed to penetrate in one of the museums, taking away all the valuable exhibits. Now Scout and his people need to fight with the Germans to prevent them from using cultural heritage for personal gain. And here they can rely only on themselves and their new soldier skills. This is a matter that has ​​become the most important and dangerous in their lives. But they will do anything to save the masterpieces, because only they know the true value of it... Will the guys who are much better acquainted with the frescoes of Michelangelo and Da Vinci paintings than with weapons and the art of war save the greatest masterpieces of culture?

As you know, it is always better together, so Clooney decided to get involved in this military adventure with his "Ocean’s gang" – so, in addition to George, The Monuments Men shows Matt Damon, John Goodman, Jean Dujardin , as well as Bill Murray himself and charming Cate Blanchett!