Monday, April 28, 2014

Katy Perry Pretended To Be Five Different Persons And Ruined Someone Else's Name Days In 'Birthday' Music Video

Music Video has been an avenue for many artists to show off their uniqueness, artistry and talent. Just now Katy Perry almost touched on the reality show genre by invading a few birthday parties, pretending to be someone else. Trying to ruin the fun, the prosthetics-heavy characters made it a memorable moment at the end of the day.

Birthday by Katy Perry

It's quite amusing to see the actual reactions of every people, without knowing it was really the singer. Kudos in part to Katy's acting and performance. I would have been similarly surprised after the revelation. So far, this has been the most raw and inventive music video made by her camp, discounting all the special-effects-heavy ones.

Watch Katy Perry in her new 8-minute music video for Birthday.

Birthday is the fourth single from the singers fourth studio album, Prism. The music video was directed by Marc Klasfeld and Danny Lockwood. Dawn Rose and Nicole Acacio served as a producer and executive producer respectively. To make Katy Perry's appearance and performnce convincing she was transformed into new person by her make-up artist, Tony Gardner. Film editing and director of photography fell for Richard Alarcon and Joseph Robbins, respectively.