Monday, April 14, 2014

Robyn Young Completes Insurrection Trilogy With Kingdom, See The Cover And Synopsis

I am still awaiting for the mass market paperback edition of Renegade, the second book in Robyn Young's Insurrection Trilogy. Compared with her other books the said editions came quite early, now I am doubting if it should ever come. I am rethinking of completing the Brethren and Insurrection trilogies in hardcover now-a-days.

My new project these days is to buy my "adult" reading list in their hardcover format. Maybe this is the right time since the third book in Insurrection is about to be released. This would be costly, but I guess this is a good investment... I am thinking of the future were rare copies of these books would be costly if auctioned. LOL.

I am quite surprised of the floating crown in the new cover of Kingdom by Robyn Young. Do you feel the same?

Kingdom by Robyn Young


An epic story comes to a thrilling climax as Robert the Bruce nears the fulfilment of his destiny.

Robert has achieved his great ambition to be crowned King of Scotland, but in so doing has provoked the wrath of Edward of England. Raising the feared dragon banner, the English king marches north, determined to recapture the kingdom.

But the English are not Robert's only enemies. By murdering his great rival, John Comyn, he has split the kingdom apart and with his forces depleted and many of his own countrymen turned against him, Robert is forced to flee into the wilderness. He has a crown, but no country, the will to lead, but no real authority.

The road before him is all but impossible, with treachery and heartbreak at every turn, but Robert must try slowly, surely, to regain the military advantage and the respect of a nation.

Fighting from hidden strongholds and the Western Isles, with the support of a few brave men and the alluring noblewoman, Christiana, Robert drives towards the place where he will meet Edward II and decide the future of Scotland, in an epic confrontation near the village of Bannockburn.

Kingdom (Insurrection Trilogy #3) by Robyn Young will hit shelves on June 19, 2014 (UK).