Wednesday, April 9, 2014

First Runner-Up: Complete Portofolio Or Book Of Jodilly Pendre On Asia's Next Top Model Season 2

On April 9, 2014, the winner of Asia's Next Top Model Season 2 has been chosen. Philippines has two contenders, but the crown went to Malaysia, Sheena Liam. Jodilly Pendre, one of the Filipina contenders, came in second. But that does not stop Filipinos from hoping -- and questioning -- the result during the finale. The verdict is final, but the exotic Pinay beauty will always be our winner.

If we look back in the previous season, a Filipina beauty also made it to the top 3 and ending First Runner-Up as well. That's just a legacy that Filipinas always excel in everything. And to relive this seasons triumph let's go back through the dys and reminesce with the complete profile of Jodilly Pendre.

Background Information:

Jodilly Pendre
Age: 20
Height: 178cm
Favorite Feature: Jaw Line
Worst Feature: Hands
Favorite Model: Tyra Banks
Favorite Designers: Roland Alzate, Rajo Laurel & Michael Cinco
Phobias: Heights & Spiders
If modeling doesn’t work out: Computer Programmer

Here is the complete book of Jodilly Pendre on Asia's Next Top Model Season 2.

Do you think she should have won the second season of Asia's Next Top Model Season 2. (All images are property of properties of Star World Asia.)

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