Monday, November 17, 2014

Check Out The Initial Cover Of 'The Liar's Key' By Mark Lawrence (The Red Queen's War Book 2)

The rough draft of the cover art for The Liar's Key by Mark Lawrence has been released. After the deviating covers of the first book, Prince of Fools, both the UK and US publishers decided to have a unified art again, just like with Mark Lawrence's Broken Empire trilogy.

Once again, artist Jason Chan will do the cover art of The Liar's Key, with a few variations depending on the demographics of the publisher's readers. UK readers prefer faceless characters on the covers, which is of course the opposite for the US readers.

FYI: The art cover of the first book was done by Chris McGrath for US and Jason Chan for UK editions.

Checkout the cover of The Liar's Key (The Red Queen's War Book 2) by Mark Lawrence:

The Liar's Key by Mark Lawrence

And here is another version:


Prince of Fools, The Red Queen’s War: Book One had all “the hallmarks of [Mark Lawrence’s] storytelling and writing style which made The Broken Empire trilogy such an incredibly addictive read” ( Now, The Liar’s Key continues the story of the unusual fellowship between a rogue prince and a weary warrior…

After harrowing adventure and near-death, Prince Jalan Kendeth and the Viking Snorri ver Snagason find themselves in possession of Loki’s Key, an artefact capable of opening any door, and sought by the most dangerous beings in the Broken Empire—including The Dead King.

Jal wants only to return home to his wine, women, and song, but Snorri has his own purpose for the key: to find the very door into death, throw it wide, and bring his family back into the land of the living.

And as Snorri prepares for his quest to find death’s door, Jal’s grandmother, the Red Queen continues to manipulate kings and pawns towards an endgame of her own design…

The Liar's Key (The Red Queen's War Book 2) by Mark Lawrence will be released on June 2, 2015.