Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Don't Turn Your Back Away From The 2013 Trend For Movie Posters


Movie posters have their own stories to tell. They are mostly among one of the factors why movie-goers watch the movies they advertise. In fact, no blockbuster movie has ever come out without a movie poster preceding it.

But for some reason, year 2013 opens a new chapter for movie poster business. As early as today it has created a trend that only with the sharp eyes would notice.

Check these 2013 movies that seem to follow a new trend of movie posters, with the characters turning their backs away from the audience:

I am not quite sure what's the psychology behind this trend, but I know this strategy makes the poster a little more interesting... intriguing.

Please do share if you have seen a poster that follows the same trend that is not included in the list, because I expect this is not the last of this.


Aries Marshall said...

Aha! Clever observations. I'm quite excited for the team up of the father and son - the Smiths. And I so can't wait for The Croods and the Iron Man 3. Thanks a lot for this! :D